What to eat after a dental implant surgery?

One of the things that we get asked the most by our patients is what they should eat after a dental implant surgery. This is a very good question. Unless you had a fixed implant bridge like All-on-4 or a removable implant denture like Snap in Dentures that have an immediate load, you will likely get one or two implants placed with exposed sutures in the gum. When we place regular implants, the flaps of the gums are opened to place the “screw” in the gum and then closed back again until the bone is healed. 


For this reason, you have to eat a soft diet to be able to take care of the area where the dental implants were placed, since you have to prevent food from getting stuck in the sutures. This will also depend on the pain threshold of each patient and it will also depend a lot on the type of dental implant surgery and the number of implants that have been placed since this will determine how much discomfort the patient has.


This will usually take about a week of soft foods like soups, puree, and creams. You must avoid the use of straws as the sucking action could affect the sutures. Also, avoid rice and other seed-like foods, as well as irritants like coffee, chocolate and spicy food. We want you to have the best experience while recovering after your dental implant surgery!


It is very important that if you are thinking about having a dental implant placement treatment be with a specialist since this will give you the assurance that you are being cared for by someone who has been placing implants for a long time and who can demonstrate it in photos, videos and testimonials and resulting in safety and success in your treatment like in our YouTube channel


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