Laser Whitening

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Laser Whitening


Get a white smile while you enjoy a vacation in Cancun! When you come to vacation you can also have a laser whitening to get a bright smile that can match that awesome tan you will get! Laser Whitening is performed in less than an hour in our clinic. Up to two shades lighter can be accomplished.


One of the effects that may cause the whitening is sensitivity because of the medication that we put on the enamel. The sensitivity will persist depending every patient, it’s usually temporary and other times there is not even any pain. Your teeth will look amazing. Take advantage of your vacation in Cancun to come get this treatment and get to know our other dental services.


Laser whitening has a satisfaction rate of about 93%. The long-term results depend primarily on each person. Daily habits such as smoking or drinking coffee may lessen results. This procedure does not change the color of your crowns or veneers so please, take that into consideration.

The smile that will change your mind

The Laser Whitening changes the life of many patients who feel regained confidence and comfort after they get the treatment, sometimes they feel worried or doubtful about the secondary effects.


The Laser procedure doesn’t hurt, absolutely in general this is a very simple procedure where no anesthesia is needed as no pain is experienced. However, some patients may experience minor sensitivity during the procedure or in the following hours. This sensitivity lasts no more than a couple of hours and it can be resolved by taking an mild over the counter analgesic.


There are many natural and chemical things that cause discoloration of the teeth. Over time, the thin, hard white substance covering your teeth (enamel) may become worn, dulled, or discolored. Such wear and discoloration may be natural or the result of a genetic predisposition; however, it is often a result of your habits (soft drink, tea, or coffee consumption, smoking, medication use, etc.), so be careful with what you eat. In some cases certain people may be born with abnormal spacing between the teeth that grows wider as they age.


In the Laser Whitening procedure, a peroxide solution is placed over your teeth and then we use a light or laser to accelerate the whitening process. It takes approximately 1 hour to complete the procedure. The process involves no additional treatment to be performed at home. The main ingredient in the gel that’s used during the process is hydrogen peroxide.


And course to have a better result after your Laser Whitening, try completely not smoke, or if you can’t, reduce the number of cigarettes per day. The nicotine causes a change of color in your teeth and we are trying to avoid any stains on your teeth. You should avoid drinks and food with a lot of colorant, like red wine, carrots, coffee, blueberries, any type of cola drinks and foods that can pigment your teeth and stain them like they were before or worse. You also have to avoid citric foods.

The cost of treatment at our clinic in Cancun is much lower than in other countries. We use the same materials and equipment that dentists use in the USA and Canada for a fraction of the cost.





Before & After

Our dental implant system is the best in the market. We only work with the best materials, renowned brands, and with the most prepared professionals. Here you can appreciate the big change that our patients get after our dental implant procedures. All the results are amazing! You have so much to win here! We take these pictures to show the big difference between the first day they came before compared to the final day! Get a full smile in just one week.

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does the treatment hurt?

The treatment shouldn’t hurt, but there might be some sensitivity afterwards.

how long does the sensitivity last?

Sensitivity should only last a few days.

what i should not eat or drink after the treatment?

You shouldn’t eat any food or take any liquids that has pigments in it like coffee, wine, sauces.

can i smoke?

No, you shouldn’t smoke after having your teeth whitened as they can get stained even more.

can i whiten if i have crowns or veneers?

You can whiten your natural teeth but crowns and veneers will not be affected by the treatment. There might be a slight different in tone that they won’t match anymore.