Dental Implants

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Dental Implant


Do you need individual dental implants, or for your whole mouth?  Did you lose one or more teeth?  Do you need to remove the teeth you have left and have implants? Do you want to have several implants to restore your entire mouth for a new smile?


Dental implants have become the dentistry of the future! They can help you recover your self-confidence, peace of mind and an attractive smile.


Dr. Arzate has been placing implants for 20 years and is recognized as the only ABOI (American Board of Oral Implantology)-certified implantologist in Mexico, the only Mexican to achieve this international distinction. He is the right dentist to perform equal or better quality dental procedures than what you get with your dentist at home. He is an expert in Implantology and does something few doctors do:  Surgery and restorations.


Most doctors do only one or the other of these procedures.  They prefer to refer the case to another specialist, which can lead to mistaken diagnoses or treatment plans and flawed results. We, however, offer you the advanced, precise, professional experience you’re looking for; everything will be done by the best.


After the surgery you will notice that they look and feel like natural teeth. You will be able to eat, chew, talk, bite, taste, laugh and smile totally perfect again!

Dental Implant


Our entire team is prepared for any Implantology procedure you require, including anesthesiologists for the most comfortable experience. We work with dental implants every day, so we’re very familiar with this service. We can place from 1 implant to a full arch for a complete smile makeover with implants and prostheses. For advanced tooth loss, we have solutions like All-On-6, All-on-4, Snap-in-Dentures, bone grafts, membranes, sinus lifts, bar restorations, bridges, regular dentures and dentures with implants.

Dr. Arzate guarantees quality.  He was trained in the United States and Europe and is now an world authority on Implantology; not only is he an international speaker, but he has inserted more than 10,000 implants. He uses only prestigious, recognized brands. He also runs an international program in Cancun on the most advanced Implantology techniques, to train dental specialists from the United States, Canada and all over the world.

To start the process, just send us your X-rays.  We’ll send you back a personalized diagnosis, so you can see what’s the best option and the ideal treatment for you. Dental treatments are the best solution for a functional and esthetic mouth restoration. What the procedure does is replace the damaged tooth root with a dental prosthesis made of titanium, the ideal material because it’s compatible with the human body.  You can trust in the most advanced techniques!

This implant is placed in a single visit, and then you can enjoy your vacation in Cancun! The procedure can be done under local anesthesia or a sedative; we have a certified anesthesiologist for your comfort, so you’ll enjoy conscious sedation.  Our objective is to provide you with a comfortable, safe experience.



It takes just minutes to insert an implant.  But, how does this work?  First, tissue surgery is done. Then the implants are inserted in the bone, after assuring it’s in a suitable position. A locking screw is then inserted. In order for this last step to be as hygienic as possible, it’s important that the piece be inserted in the host immediately upon removal from its 100% sterile pack. Once the prosthesis is fit into the host, we wait about three months. Then it is fitted with a connector and a porcelain crown, a bridge or a bar to complete your mouth’s restoration. The implant fitting or insertion process is done under supervision.


After the treatment, you’ll see how your implants look and feel like natural teeth, because they’re designed and custom-made to adapt perfectly to your bite. Once the implants are restored and functioning, you’ll be able to eat, chew, savor your food, speak, bite, laugh and smile like never before!

The cost of treatment at our clinic in Cancun is much lower than in other countries. We use the same materials and equipment that dentists use in the USA and Canada for a fraction of the cost.





Before & After

Our dental implant system is the best in the market. We only work with the best materials, renowned brands, and with the most prepared professionals. Here you can appreciate the big change that our patients get after our dental implant procedures. All the results are amazing! You have so much to win here! We take these pictures to show the big difference between the first day they came before compared to the final day! Get a full smile in just one week.

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