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Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry smile makeover
Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry smile makeover
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Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry Doctor German Arzate DDS

Snap in Dentures

Are you unhappy with your teeth?  Have you lost several teeth?  Are the ones you still have inn bad shape?  Do you want a fast and affordable solution?


Snap-in-Dentures are the most affordable solution you’ll find for a full restoration with implants. They’re the most advanced smile makeover system you can get:  no palate, no glue. With Snap in Dentures, you’ll get a firm, secure bite and an incredible new smile! You’ll never hide your teeth again.


Now you can say goodbye to that annoying glue on your palate to hold in your dentures. Smile proudly and openly!


Implants are the most comfortable and effective surgical replacement for tooth loss. And they are so realistic no one will notice the difference!


The implants inserted for Snap-in-Dentures are the same ones used for regular implants. They are of the same quality and follow the same standards and FDA regulations.  They are made of GRADE 5 TITANIUM, but are thinner than regular implants, and they’re immediately anchored with locking screws. This system uses 8 implants per arch to provide greater support, and to hold and retain the Snap-in-Dentures.


The very first day you visit us, surgery is done by a maxillofacial specialist under conscious sedation monitored by a certified anesthesiologist. The procedure consists of removing all the teeth, cleaning the bone and tissue, eliminating any trace of bacteria, leveling off the bone and inserting 8 thin implants, strategically placed and avoiding the paranasal sinuses and the inferior dental nerve.  It requires training to avoid touching these structures and Dr. Arzate and his team of doctors have specialized to perform this treatment successfully.


Once the implants and sutures are in place, you come back to the clinic for next several days to complete several tests that allow us to design your new teeth. These include wax tests to restore the height, color and shape of your teeth. Dr. Arzate and his team of specialists will help you choose the features you like best. The test teeth will be prepared for their final firing in our lab kiln, and the last test is the final adjustment of your bite. This will be your last appointment.  Then you’ll be ready to enjoy a beautiful smile with Snap-in-Dentures!


Say goodbye to those annoying dentures and hello to your new teeth!




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The cost of treatment at our clinic in Cancun is much lower than in other countries. We use the same materials and equipment that dentists use in the USA and Canada for a fraction of the cost.

















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Get a restored smile with Snap-in-Dentures and the mini implant technology that we offer in our dental clinic in Cancun, Mexico—and save up to 70%! Join the hundreds of patients who have experienced the joy of worry-free speaking, laughing, eating and smiling with their new “Snap-in” dentures.

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Mini Dental Implant Dentures


Imagine the ability to eat practically anything and enjoy social events without worrying for a second about slippery dentures!  Snap-in-Dentures can be a life-changing experience for patients who use dentures or who have experienced tooth loss. Mini implants are surgically inserted.  These dental prostheses provide greater stability, comfort and self-confidence, along with a beautifully complete smile.


The process is less costly and less invasive that normal-size dental implants, so no long recovery time is required.  You should know that sometimes we can modify your existing dentures to fit these mini implants, giving you back support, comfort and strength so you can go back home the next week, after surgery and with a new, firmly attached smile.


Besides providing a solid base for your dentures, mini implants also help your jawbone to retain bone density and avoid loss of more volume.  They also stimulate the bone when biting and chewing—like natural dental roots work—and prevent the bone loss that might occur from missing teeth. Dr. Arzate developed this technique more than ten years ago and has had thousands of successful cases.  He has given their smiles back to many patients who not only love their teeth, but who have started to eat again. Every patient who comes here is because they no longer like their teeth, they have very few teeth left, they can’t eat or simply because U.S. and Canadian dentists charge them exorbitant prices.  When Dr. Arzate realized this, he developed and invented the Snap-in-Denture technique, which is a fusion of various techniques.  It should be noted that this is one of the fastest, most economical techniques for our patients, because a huge change can be achieved at small investment. It provides an incomparable functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing solution.


Dr. Arzate is the only Mexican to be certified by the American Board of Oral Implantology as a Diplomate that prove he’s an expert on Dental Implants.  Thousands of happy patients with Snap-in-Dentures can attest to this.





Regular implants have a disadvantage: they can’t be inserted in a mandible or maxilla with low volume or thin bone, making treatment with them very complex. But mini implants are an excellent alternative in most cases, because they are very thin and can be used in cases where there is reduced bone volume.

So, if your dentist tells you “you have little bone”, what are you waiting for? Send us your panoramic X-ray or CT Scan and we’ll do a personalized, digital diagnosis of your case. You’ll get an expert opinion and the best alternatives for your treatment.  Year after year, mini implants have changed the lives of hundreds of patients.  This is the process to get your smile and self-confidence back, so you can go home smiling with new teeth after only an 8-day vacation.  Let us help you get back your self-confidence. Take the first step to start enjoying life again!

It’s as simple as this:  Send us your X-rays and photographs. You’ll get a video with a personalized diagnosis from Dr. German Arzate. And this begins your journey to finding yourself again with your new, beautiful smile!



Get a FREE evaluation to see if you are a candidate for our palateless implant denture!


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