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Our prices

There are no hidden costs. What you see is what you get. Our dental prices can help you save up to 70% in most of our dental treatments compared to what you get quoted back home.


We DO accept: Visa, MasterCard or American Express / Money transfers / Cash (Only US Dollars).

Here are our Mexico dental prices vs prices quoted in the USA or Canada

All prices quoted in US Dollars.

Our dental procedures
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Regular Dental Implant
$3,500 USD

$2,100 USD

$799 USD
(abutment+crown $750 USD)
Snap In Dentures
$35,000 USD
two arches

$15,600 USD

two arches
$10,199 USD
two arches
All-on-4 Dental Implants
First Stage
$25,000 USD
one arch

$20,000 USD

one arch
$9,000 USD
Full mouth
All-on-4 Dental Implants
Second Stage
$20,000 USD
one arch

$15,000 USD

one arch
$9,000 USD
Full mouth
Zirconia Crowns
(Metal Free)
$1,200 USD

$680 USD

From $409 USD
Starting with 6 crowns
Porcelain Veneers
$900 - $1,500 USD
Per Unit / 9 Layer porcelain

$680 USD

$450 USD*
Root Canal
$850 - $1,800 USD

$450 USD

$330 USD
Dental Cleaning
$200 USD

$150 USD

$89 USD
Dental Extractions
$250 USD

$120 USD

$89 USD
White Composite Fillings
$250 - $350 USD

$110 USD

$89 USD
Laser Whitening
$800 USD

$299 USD

One hour, include dental cleaning
$175 USD
One hour, include dental cleaning
*Restrictions apply.


Are the travel expenses included in the prices?

No, travel and food expenses are not included.

Do you offer transportation to the clinic?

We can help you contact a safe transport service. We only provide pick up from the airport in certain cases.

Do you offer all inclusive packages with the flight and hotel?

No, but we can provide hotel options that can fit your budget.

How far is the clinic from the airport?

We are about 20 minutes from the airport.

How far is the clinic from the hotel zone?

We are located only 10 minutes away from the Hotel Zone.

Is cancun safe to travel?

Yes. Hundreds of thousands of tourists continue to come visit Cancun in a safe way.

do you offer transport service for all appointments?

No, we only offer one pick up from the hotel or directly from the airport to our clinic.

do you have any agreement with any hotel or do you recommend hotels?

Yes, we can recommend hotels and depending on the season there might be some agreements. Our dental planners will happy to tell you the options we currently have.

do you offer discounts?

Our prices are already competitive and include special discounts.

does the consultation have a cost?

The consultation itself is free.

are there hidden fees?

No. All our prices already include taxes and we will make a clear estimate of what you can expect to pay.

what it says in the budget wont change?

There’s a possibility that the budget can change depending of how the treatment proceeds. We will keep you aware of any other charges that come up.

do the x-rays have a cost?

X-rays come included in the price of the treatment.

methods of payment?

We accept cash, wire transfer to our Mexican bank and card payment.

do you accept credit cards?

Yes. We accept credit cards.

do you accept debit cards?

Yes. We accept debit cards.

are there financing plans?

We already offer special prices.

are there pharmacies nearby?

Yes, there’s a pharmacy in the other side of the shopping mall where you can find your prescription.

is it safe to carry cash?


do you need a passport to go to mexico?

Yes, you need a passport to come to Mexico but you don’t require a Visa.

i saw cheaper prices at other clinics why are there differences?

Other clinics don’t use the same quality of materials or have the modern equipment we do. You will get the best service at our clinic.

why should i go to cancun than somewhere else?

Cancun is the perfect place to come relax and heal after getting your dental work done.

do you work with insurers?

No, we cannot accept other countries’ insurance, but we can provide the paperwork you request to make your claims back home.

can you check my companion?

We can provide a consulation to your companions, additional fees might apply.