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About Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry!

Congratulations! You are in the right place! You are only one step closer to have your new smile. We are your #1 choice for dental implants! Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry is the leader and pioneer of dental tourism in Mexico. Our long history can speak by itself. We offer the most affordable prices for dental procedures. We have more than 20 years of experience. And we have fixed over 5,000 patients from United States and Canada. We are qualified smile makeover engineers. Watch our patients reviews!

We import all our materials from the United States, Japan, Germany and Belgium and we have the best top Mexican dentists to install them. Our clinic is fully equipped, we are ready to fulfill your needs. We work in a state-of-the-art facility where our doctors perform all dental specialties, from a simple dental cleaning to an All on 4 dental implant system. Our team is prepared to solve the most complicated and unique cases of full mouth reconstruction.

Our clinic is located in Las Americas Shopping Mall, only ten minutes away from Cancun’s Hotel Zone, one of the top tourism destinations to have a vacation! We are INSIDE the mall. It is really easy to get here since it is the biggest shopping mall in Cancun. Almost every bus or taxi can bring you here easily. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask your dental planner for directions.

Advantages of Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry


First of all, we only work with the best equipment. We import all our materials, absolutely all of them and we use only renowned brands. Our team follows strict standards of sterilization at the highest level. Our clinic has a clean and disinfected environment for each one of our patients and we only use filtered water. We want to make you feel comfortable and safe during your procedure. It is important to mention that our team of doctors and assistants are fully trained, prepared and certified by the Mexican Sanitary laws.


Things can always happen. This is not a secret, and it is actually very normal. But we have noticed that in United States besides being a very expensive country for medical and dental services, does not offer all the needs that you could have. Some of our patients have a very strong bite or many others things can occur, but we are prepared for that! We have warranties in all our dental pieces, including dental implants. All materials here have a warranty at our clinic! So, you can take a breath, and relax on your dental vacation.


Cancun is safe, affordable and beautiful. What else can you ask? Check out the reviews! They are 100% real. You can also keep in contact with our dental planners for any question! We won’t leave you hanging. We are always interested to know how are you doing in your dental vacation adventure! Cancun has many downtown hotels, which are very close to our clinic. Also, did you know that we are located inside one of the biggest Shopping Mall of Cancun? Cancun is the premier Caribbean destination for tourists in Mexico!


No hidden prices, what you see is what you get. Your savings can be massive compared to your home prices. Here you can save about 70% more money than what you would expend in other countries like United States or Canada. Also, why not having some vacations at the same time? We are only 10 minutes away from the Hotel Zone! As you can see, our prices are affordable, but that never compromise our quality. Mexico is one of the Top Countries for dental tourism. Fall in love with our prices, stay for the beaches!

Before & After

Our dental implant system is the best in the market. We only work with the best materials, renowned brands, and with the most prepared professionals. Here you can appreciate the big change that our patients get after our dental implant procedures. All the results are amazing! You have so much to win here! We take these pictures to show the big difference between the first day they came before compared to the final day! Get a full smile in just one week.

Happy Patient


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