Sedation Dentistry

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Sedation Dentistry is the use of pharmacological agents to calm and relax a patient during the dental procedure.


Sometimes we have patients who have high anxiety levels. We offer sedation to make them feel more comfortable and pain-free. It is always performed and supervised by a professional Anesthesiologist. It allows you to be unaware of the whole treatment, as if you were relaxing.


Sedation provides a better environment for very nervous patients. This service can be available but must be ordered with anticipation. Our clinic always cares about giving you an stress-anxiety-free experience.

IV Sedation Dentistry


Performed by a professional Anesthesiologist, this service involves using sedative medications to produce a relaxed and pain-free environment, out of anxiety. We offer sedation to provide a better experience for our patients.


In this way, our dentists are able to perform your dental procedure more easily. Tranquilizers and anxiolytics are also applied. This allows you to follow the doctor’s indications, but you won’t remember anything about the procedure. We always explain to our patients everything that we are going to do and what is going to happen before, during and after the procedure.




If you suffer from high anxiety and fear about undergoing any dental treatment, then sedation dentistry is perfect for your needs. Some of our patients have extremely sensitive teeth due to their fragile condition, but we are prepared to solve these kinds of problems. If you find really difficult to cooperate during any dental procedure due to high anxiety, then this option is right for you.


It is important to mention that being stressed produce more tension in your face, we need to be able to open your mouth and check your teeth.


Patients with Parkinson’s Syndrome are also candidates for this service. Sedation Dentistry is available with previous request with an extra cost. You will be in the best hands.

The cost of treatment at our clinic in Cancun is much lower than in other countries. We use the same materials and equipment that dentists use in the USA and Canada for a fraction of the cost.





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