Sedation Dentistry

The solution for overcoming dental anxiety or phobia is safe and easy.

Sedation Dentistry refers to the use of pharmacological agents to calm and relax a patient prior to and during a dental procedure.

We have sedation available upon request for people with high anxiety levels. It is performed by a professional Anesthesiologist. It allows you to be sedated just enough to be pain free and unaware of the treatment, as if you were relaxing. It helps getting your dental treatment in an environment that’s stress- and anxiety-free.

IV Sedation Dentistry

Performed by our Anesthesiologist, the sedation involves using sedative medications to produce a relaxed environment and experience for the patient. This way, the dentist is free to perform your dental procedure more easily. Tranquilizers and anxiolytics are used so you will be able to follow the doctors indications but won’t remember anything about the procedure.

If you have a serious anxiety and fear about undergoing treatment, then sedation dentistry is the answer for you. If you have extremely sensitive teeth and you find it difficult to cooperate during your dental procedure, then this option is right for you.

Patients with Parkinson’s Syndrome are also eligible. Sedation Dentistry is available upon request at an extra cost.