What to do on a dental emergency? – Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry

What to do on a dental emergency? - Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry

You need to know what to do on a dental emergency during your vacation. Having a dental emergency during your vacation is more frequent than you think. Dental pain, loss of fillings, breakage or fall of the teeth or injuries in the jaw are some of the problems that require immediate action and knowing what should be done in each case can help you a lot to facilitate the path of rehabilitation. If you have a dental emergency we can help you out.


What to do if my tooth fell (knocked out clean)?

Avoid taking the tooth by the root. If the tooth is very dirty, rinse it with milk and clean it with a warm cloth
Take the tooth by the crown and place it again in the hole by first entering the root. Bite a clean handkerchief for a few minutes. Keep it clean until you get to the dental clinic. It is important that you go quickly to the clinic, because if you do it in less than 60 minutes, the chances of reimplanting the tooth are much higher.


What to do with a broken tooth?

Rinse your mouth with hot water to keep the area clean.  Keep the piece of the tooth inside the cheek and go quickly to the dental clinic.


What to do with a possible broken jaw?

If you fell and hit your jaw, apply a compression with something cold to control the inflammation. Go to the hospital as quickly as possible. You need to go the hospital instead of the dentist in this particular case, as a broken bone requires a different set of tools and kits to be healed.


What to do if I got an object stuck between my teeth?

Sometimes we might want to open things with our teeth and, surprise, surprise, now they are stuck! Try to floss them gently with special flossing picks. If you can not, go to the dentist. Do not try to remove the object with any blade or sharp tool.


What to do if I have Dental pain?

If you suffer constant or severe pain, inflammation of the gums or sensitivity to pressure, you might have to take an over the counter anti-inflammatory to reduce the pain and then quickly come to the dentist as soon as possible.


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