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Dental Implant care and tips!


You might be worried about the prospecto of getting dental implant surgery, but you can relax. Implant dentistry can be done with local anesthesia so there’s little to no risk for a healthy patient. Like all other surgical procedures, dental implants require a period of recovery. This includes some days or weeks in which patients experience some post-surgical side effects.  When you get home after implant surgery, you better take the rest of the day off. In addition to the fatigue that you will feel after the surgery, the possible incisions and damage that will have been done in the tissues will need time to recover. It is also a good idea to apply ice to your cheeks and jaw at 15-minute intervals. This will help minimize the swelling of the following days.


In the first few hours after surgery, your gums may bleed a bit. Placing a gauze in the area will help reduce the frequency of bleeding, which should end at the end of the day.  It is also normal that you suffer some bruising and swelling the first few days. Throughout this recovery period, it is important that patients do not eat foods that can lead to excessive pressure on the implant’s area.
After the first or second week, patients can begin to perform all their daily activities without discomfort or worry, while the implants are attaching more strongly to the bone and gums. Excessive pressure in the area may hinder recovery and any trauma could put the healing at risk. Most patients complete the recovery process after 3 or 6 months, but it will be our dentist who will tell you the time required in your particular case.


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