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We connect to other people with our smile. A must read testimonial!!

We have talked extensively about how the inability to smile can affect your everyday life and even your health. Alyssa was one of our dear patients who came forward to talk about this problem. She experienced isolation from the people around her because she would try not to smile or hide her mouth. She would look away in shame and that made it harder to connect with people. Connecting with people is one of the most important things to have a healthy fulfilling life for a human being. We are glad that we can provide the solution you need to enjoy life and socialize again.



-Alicia… you came here, how many years ago?

-Oh my goodness, now it’s what… it’s been about 3, 4 years, yeah, 4 years ago

-You came here to do your smile.

-Yeah, and you know we have some things that we couldn’t do with my mouth but we stuck with it and their team has… even when it’s things that I just wanted, you know, difficult as they might be, they hung with me, they just thought so much for me.

– You know, I walked in here and I genuinely feel the warmth, you know… You can’t mistake that, when someone’s eyes greet you, and they smile, and they grab you, and they genuinely have care about how I’ve done with this. Well, actually, you know… when I left here that day, I bit a pizza through and this first time I ever been able to bite completely through like that.


– You know and… you know, I’m just so grateful… so grateful


-When you walk down the street, and you can’t meet someone’s eyes because you are embarrassed about the lack of heath in your smile. You don’t want people to look at you, so you look down, you don’t meet the eyes, you don’t make that connection…

-You are correct.

-Which is the world of difference because my wealth is measure in those connections, you know?

Because us as humans, us as beings is like “the failure to thrive”. If we don’t connect with others souls, our life lacks. It begins with a smile, because with a smile, with teeth, and then I was missing some teeth, with a smile I can meet someone’s eyes, I can go without feeling embarrassed and looking away because my teeth tell a different story.


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