Why you should get missing molars replaced ASAP?


Dental Implant care and tips!


Most people give a higher priority to the replacement of front teeth instead of missing molars, because they are usually hidden from people’s views.  Sadly, the fall of the molars entails the loss of masticatory function and many other problems you really wish to avoid by replacing missing molars with dental implants as soon as possible.


Beyond the obvious role that the posterior teeth play in chewing food, puts more pressure on the anterior teeth during chewing (as many people compensate using premolars and front teeth to help them chew) . The remaining teeth, gums, jaw muscles, ligaments and joints and affected in many ways:

  • Decreases the efficiency of mastication
  • Produces movement, migration and rotation of adjacent teeth (if you had previous ortodontic treatment, this will likely destroy what was achieved).
  • Eruption or extrusion of teeth without opposition of the molar
  • Excessive wear or erosion of the remaining teeth due to overwork
  • Loss of alveolar bone and reduction of residual bone ridges


Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of the problems that can result from missing molars. Some of the most important factors, particularly the change and migration of teeth, can trigger a chain reaction that weakens the entire dental system.



Similarly, if the adjacent tooth shifts too much there may not be enough room to replace the missing teeth. In addition, as the tooth moves, it changes the way it is hooked to the jaw, a socket that makes the remaining tooth more vulnerable to periodontal disease. This is why you should look immediately into your dental implant options when you lose a molar.


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