Problems with Bad Breath? (Halitosis)

Problems with Bad Breath (Halitosis)


Bad breath is one of the most common oral aliments, affecting 1 of every 2 adults. There are many reasons why people could be suffering from bad breath so we will over a few of them:


  • Morning breath: During sleep the flow of saliva decreases, this facilitates the uncontrolled growth of bacteria producing foul-smelling gases. That strange taste in your mouth is because of this. We recommend to rinse your mouth with water as soon as you wake up.
  • Dental prosthesis: Fake bridges and dentures can accumulate food debris. If left overnight unpleasant characteristic odor occurs (related to the above). This is why is strongly advised not to sleep with regular dentures as this can lead to growth of bacteria and even higher risk of pneumonia.
  • Drugs: There are medications that cause xerostomia (dry mouth), such as anticholinergics, antidepressants, etc. Saliva helps clean oral cavity and reduces odor. Also, there are medications with a strong odor. In this case you should ask your general doctor if its ok do wash your mouth afterwards.
  • Smoking: Smoking creates a characteristic breath that can last a few days, even after quitting. Besides affecting the gum and bone of your mouth this is one of the main “enemies” of oral health. We always advice to stop smoking as soon as possible to keep a healthy mouth.
  • Disease: Periodontal disease and tooth decay can lead to bad breath. You should get treatment first for this, as well as traumatic ulcers, infectious stomatitis. If you have pharynx infection that could also lead to bad breath. Some patients even say a pharynx infection has a certain taste and know they need to go to the doctor when they sense it.
  • Poor oral hygiene: Lack removal of oral biofilm (plaque) causes bacterial growth. Places where bacteria accumulate are the tongue, interproximal spaces, subgingival area, abscesses.


The regular Halitosis oral treatment is aimed at decreasing the number of odor-producing bacteria deposited on the mouth, tongue and  periodontal pockets.
Overall, treatment protocols will start with a professional dental cleaning and oral hygiene instructions ranging from proper brushing and interdental cleaning, a thorough cleaning of the tongue, along with mouthwash gargles and more. In any case, you will need an expert of the mouth to look after your problem.


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