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Patient happy to come back! Returning patient visits dentist in Cancun!

Patient happy to come back! Returning patient visits dentist in Cancun!

Patient happy to come back! Returning patient visits dentist in Cancun!

What’s the deal with people coming to Cancun for dental tourism? You will have a dentist in Cancun ready to attend you during your vacation… does that sound weird? Maybe. But you will end up saving hundreds if not THOUSANDS of dollars compared to getting the same dental treatments in the USA.

Andriana is a patient that came from Los Angeles and she has a radioshow there! She came a few years ago to get snap in dentures and she returns for check ups and to enjoy the beach. Here’s what she talked about with Doctor German Arzate.



After three years, guess who’s back!? Andriana! Thank you!


It’s a pleasure, I am so happy to be back!


It’s a pleasure! Andriana it’s from L.A. And tell me a little bit more about you before we started this story! This story from three years now, that I saw you for the first time.


My name is Andriana, I am from Los Angeles, Helenic Radio. It came a point in my life just like many many people that I needed a dental work, to make a long story short, I checked up my options, I was to various places in Los Angeles to get price quotes. I was quoted twenty six thousand dollars just to fix my upper teeth with something like Snap-In-Dentures, and even in my country where doing dental work is much less expensive than the United States I was quoted fifteen thousand dollars, it was cheaper than the L.A., no doubt, but then I started to do some research, and then I came across a lovely June, and I followed her.


Hi June!


Hi June! I am here again! So I followed her journey and all the work she did with you, I looked into it, I looked into it about I would say like four or five months, I must have seen each video for about twenty to thirty time. And then I said: “No! This is the place that I have to go!”. I contacted the doctor, I sent them photographs of my teeth, of my mouth, various problems I was having. He sent me a video, he told me what solutions he could have for me. We went along, we did it, I booked my hotel, I came here and it was done in one week, at the best place, at the best care, and three years later, “Ding, ding, ding!” the doorbell rang again, and I have to take care of my lower teeth.


This product called Snap-In-Dentures, how hard it was for you to get used to it? Because it was a big compromise, she told me “I have speak to many people” so imagine when she came the first time it was like “Oops!”.


So, obviously again, I would like to thank June Penny because she helped me out a lot, she answered millions of questions I asking to her, about her experience, so I felt much more comfortable. So it was the same, this time around, I was completed today, here I am talking, and I am making plans on going to dinner and having food and having drinks, cause I have stopped my antibiotics.


You deserve it!


And I can’t wait!


Well, you don’t wanna see the surgery, we did a big surgery, I placed eight implants in lowers, and see, I was concerned about “Wow! She is going to bruise a lot!” but no, none of that.


No, I took Arnica. You take Arnica for one week, a full week of before you come to the doctor to have your procedure, and here I am! No makeup, no swelling!


And making videos!




In seven days ago you were in surgery? Well that’s one of the cases with Snap-In-Dentures, we do lots of procedures, but with Snap-In-Dentures this is what you can have, I mean like if you still have some remaining teeth, if they look bad or they are rotten or you don’t like those teeth anymore and you don’t know what to do, this is great option.


It is great, and I have to say I wasn’t one of those patients, because there are people that never had good teeth to begin with. I had beautiful teeth, I had very very beautiful teeth.


Do all you listeners in the radio have told you what have you done to your voice or something?


Not my voice, but my teeth I have had tons of compliments. When I had my first procedure had my first procedure done three years ago and I went back, because I do public speaking at events they were saying: “Wow! Did you do something to your teeth? To your smile?”. And I said: “Yep, I went to Cancun, I had a smile makeover on the upper and everybody was extremely impressed and that’s why many people came over, because they wanted to get the same thing”.


Why should I got there? They say on the news say that it’s not safe and all that. Have you seen anything on the times that you have been coming to Mexico, to Cancun, like three years ago and all that. Have you seen anything?


No, and been honest I have seen nothing, no problem, no fuss, nothing, I have gone out to dinner with my friend, you know, you have to be careful no matter where you go! Even in California and Irvine. Where I live, which is considered the safest city in America, you still have to be careful, there is nothing happening whatsoever, I haven’t seen a thing. This is my seventh time in Mexico, and my third time in Cancun, so I have nothing to say but the best.


Thank you! Thank you Andriana!


Thank you!


Thank you! It’s a privilege to have you here. Beautiful smile! Here we are in sunny Cancun. I am Dr. Arzate, thank you for giving us your likes in our social media. And here we are in beautiful sunny, turquoise waters in sunny Cancun!


Come on down!


Come on down! Bye!


If you want to know more about what our dentists in Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry can do for you call toll free from USA and Canada 1-800-565-1424, or if you are already on vacation in Cancun and want to meet us, you can call us for an appointment at the following local number (998) 1-40-51-25.



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