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This time we have a very special story to share with you about a patient who is delighted with Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry. June Penny is a youtuber who has chronicled her smile makeover journey with us for the last few years. She has shown the world on her own videos how it is to live with her implant dentures and how it has helped her regain happiness in her life. A few weeks ago she came back and agreed to make a video retelling her experience with our doctors and how she came to the conclusion that this was the best option for restoring her mouth with implant dentures.



Hi I’m June Penny, and welcome. I’m going to tell you about my personal story with Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry on how I found them and how I got this perfect smile that everyone was jelaous of! So let me just tell you how it started. It was about 3 years ago maybe even more that I was researching on the internet how to get the perfect smile. When I was pregnant a long time ago, I had a lot of tooth loss and bone loss, my teeth were shifting I would never smile. All my smile were like… MMHH… just like this. Closed smile and I was very very upset.


So I was talking to my sister-in-law who said you should go out of the country to get your teeth done. And I was like “NO WAY”, there is no way I’m going out of the country and getting any type of surgery. I heard stories of this and then, and I’m not doing it because people talk a lot of negative stuff. But I figured, let me research because the dental places in United States charge so much money, nothing is covered, so I went for consultations and they were telling me $70,000 USD. I was “No Way could I afford this”. So I did my research and ketp coming up with Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry just poping up and I kept seeing videos of Doctor German and his staff talking to the patients and how happy they were.


I contacted them, and I wasn’t sure, but did a little research and then I decided to go to them, and when I did it completely completely changed my life. My teeth were so bad and when I came here they made me feel like family. I felt so comfortable and I had to have so many teeth extracted and it did not even hurt because I think I knew it was the end of the road. What I had to do for my self and I went in with a different mind and after the surgery I came out with the most beautiful smile, and I felt so confident of my self and all I do is smile now. I consider this place to be my family. I really really do. I love, I love them all. If I could I would work here! I’d live here! I love them!

So, this is my story. I’m sure it is not the end, because there’s always room for improvement and I’m just so happy to be here and be surrounded by these people. As I said, they are my family and I feel so good about myself!


Thank you so much June Penny! You are a dear patient and we feel so honored that you feel this for us. We will always give our very best to make sure you and all our patients have the dental care they need!


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