How to get the best All-on-4 and smile again?

How to get the best All-on-4 and smile again?


Whether you’ve planned to get All-on-4 in Cancun or someplace else, you should follow certain guidelines before you make the ultimate decision for your dental care. One of the main things to bear in mind is the fact that sometimes low ethic dental practitioners will give you a treatment called “All-on-4”, however in truth this is merely a knock off. We will tell about this below, but first we should begin with the most important factor:


  • Experience: A dental practitioner who works with All-on-4 will need to have great experience under his arm. And we mean many years of experience with a myriad of dental implants. For instance, Doctor German Arzate has twenty years of experience using all types of dental implants for complete smile makeovers.
  • Qualifications: Any dental professional seeking to perform this All-on-4 protocol must have a Nobel Biocare recognition. You would like to know, Doctor German Arzate has received training from the creator of All-on-4, at Malo Clinic. There are incredibly few dental practitioners that count themselves among this group.
  • Implants: The implants for All on 4 treatment must be Nobel Biocare. There is absolutely no question about any of it. Before you agree to doing the treatment, ask for confirmation that the dentists you have chosen are using Nobel Biocare original implants. All-on-4 has one of the best success rates, but only when using Nobel Biocare dental implants. Some dentists try to cut edges with cheaper brands so be careful! We use original titanium Nobel Biocare implants when doing All-on-4 in Cancun.
  • Price: Because of the required expertise of the doctor, the advanced induction and the use of the best materials for All on 4, this treatment can be extremely expensive in USA and Canada. The usual costs range around $25,000 to $30,000 just for ONE arch (upper or lower teeth replacement)… so you could be easily having to pay $60,000 USD in USA. Luckily for you, you can get All-on-4 in Cancun for a fraction of that price. Check here for our current prices.


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