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What are dental implants? - Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry


Dental Implants feel and look just like your own natural teeth, giving anyone who formerly suffered from missing or damaged teeth the freedom to eat all the foods they once loved and to smile and laugh with confidence once again. Obviously, candidates for this procedure want to know how safe it is to put dental implants in your gums. One of the most important things when looking for options to restore the looks of your smile it has to be what kind of material you are going to use and the effect this will have on your body.


Dental implants are typically made of titanium, a biocompatible material with the body and serves as a strong and sturdy foundation for the replacement of teeth. Your natural bone locks the implant into place by fusing, or attaching itself, to the implant. The surface of the dental implant is porous which facilitates the bone tissue to hold to it on a natural way.


When performed by a highly trained dental implant specialist, the dental implant procedure is one of the most predictable and safe dental surgeries for patients of any age, as well as one of the most reliable teeth replacement techniques available. Not only do dental implants restore one’s appearance, but they also prevent further bone loss in the area of the missing teeth, making the procedure a sound investment in your dental health for years to come.


Just like any other surgery, there is a small chance that the body will not accept the dental implant, with other factors like smoking history and previously bad dental hygiene also playing a part on the final success.



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