Fear of the dentist? We have the kindest staff!

Fear of the dentist We have the kindest staff!

If you have fear of the dentist you will love to know that one of our biggest strengths is our staff that is proven to be some of the kindest people you will find. Our dental clinic in Cancun has earned several awards for our world-class service, always placing your needs and feels first. It’s going to be a far cry from the usual dental office you might know in the USA. We take care of our patients with lots of attention and making sure you feel at ease at every step of your treatment. If we can help you with something to make this experience more pleasant for you, don’t hesitate to ask. We will do our best!

For example, Ivonne was a patient who had fear of the dentists because of past bad experience and that ended up affecting her teeth. Our doctors worked close with her, hearing her fears and worries and they adapted to what she was needing.

How are you?

I couldn’t be better. It’s so amazing.

Thank you! Thank you!

It has been 9 days since you came in. What brought you here?

My dental journey has been a long and arduous one. I had a “dental-phobia”.

“Dental-Phobia”? Ok?

That’s what started it out. Like I was just convinced that dentists were evil. And I just didn’t feel secure about going to the dentist, unfortunately.

I know. I know.

I’m from New York, and of course there is a platora of dentists, and I couldn’t find one that I feel open to you know, making them, you know, becoming my dentist and get my work done. The quality of care, you know, like the needle going the wrong place and I had like painful flashbacks, so every time I would go to the dentist I would remember that, and this is years on years, It just started to build up and before I knew it, it was like “this is my life”, like the best years of my life where slipping away from me because I was not taking care of my teeth, so even though I consider myself to be an attractive girl, everyone knows that the first thing that people notice…

Is your smile.

Is your smile.

You are correct.

And the people who love you would say: “Oh you are fine”. But you know you are not fine.

I know.

You are not fine.

I got on the internet, and lo and behold, I came across a Youtube video by June Penny.

June Penny, we love you.

And the rest was history, literally. Because I watched everyone of her videos, because she chronicled her experience here at Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry.

I can remember. How long it took you to take that decision? To come to visit us?

It took me about four or five months to decide, once I made up my mind to do it, you know, I looked at my schedule at work, and I carved out some time, you know like I have to do this. Like I have to live my life and move on, like this is my chance.

You send an email back and forth, you talked to Paty.

I talked to Paty!

Paty! We love you!

Everything around when patients are asking “what to do?” when they’re planning to come here, from start to finish, she’s there. She is there.

She is like a young fix my life? Paty is like the fix my life of dental.

So, emails, pictures, x-rays, a video.

And it was easy.


Like I went to a dentist in New York, and they took the x-rays, I send them, I got a response within the next couple of days, a video response! Very thorough.

That was me.

That was you! I felt like I was there, like you were talking to me, and you explained exactly what you were gonna do. What the whole procedure would entail.


And what my options were.

Well, you decided to come, you came to Cancun. Were you afraid to come to Cancun?

Initially I had some reservations, because I actually came by myself.

Ok. Nice.

So, If you are like on the fence: “Oh! Could I go by myself?”. I’m here! This is the proof, right here. You can come by yourself, it’s perfectly safe, the weather is beautiful, the people are kind.

Yes, the people are kind.

The facility is awesome, one of the prettiest dental facilities that I ever been!

Thank you!

Everything is new! And just gorgeous.

My fear left me as soon as I sat on the chair, and one of the people, Dr. Maria she explained to me what was gonna happen and I just felt like I could trust her. I felt like I could trust everyone here and what was about to happen.

Thank you! Dr. Pauli, yeah.

I couldn’t be better, I can’t wait to go back to New York and show off this mouth. I can chew on any side now, versus when my teeth were, you know, decayed and damaged, I was like just used to chew on one side. Now, like, the sky’s the limit.

I am happy for you.

Thank you!

You look fantastic!

Thank you!


Thank you! Thank you!

So this is your last day, you look fantastic, and thanks for watching this is Dr. Arzate, here in sunny Cancun, and that’s what we are doing: Snap-In-Dentures, All-On-4, many procedures. But this one is one of my favorites. Snap-In-Dentures.

Do it!

Do it!

You won’t regret it.

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you.

Thank you for sharing sweetie. Thanks everyone. Bye!

It’s a privilege. Thank you for trusting. That’s the most important thing, because what we are doing it’s like things from the heart.



If you want to know more about what our dentists in Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry can do for you call toll free from USA and Canada 1-800-565-1424, or if you are already on vacation in Cancun and want to meet us, you can call us for an appointment at the following local number (998) 1-40-51-25.


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