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You must eat healthy to keep dental decay and Even though cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry have advanced a lot in the last few decades and offers use options for dental restorations, we should always strive to give our teeth the best chance available to stay healthy for as long as possible. What we eat and our oral hygiene are two of the most important factors to keep our health (beyond genetics and age). Here is a list of nutrients and healthy food suggestions you need to look at to ensure you can prevent or reduce the risk of gum disease or teeth problems like dental decay.


  • Vitamin D: This is a vitamin you can get from sunshine after eating diary products, fish and yolks. You can identify a lack of this vitamin if you have mouth dryness, a metallic bitter taste or burning mouth feeling.
  • Vitamin C: For centuries, sailors and many other people suffered from lack of Vitamin C and it affected their gums and provoked the loss of teeth.
  • Riboflavin (Vitamins B2 and B12): The lack of these vitamins can lead to mouth sores. Almond, spinach and pasta contain vitamin B2, while meats and dairy products can give you the B12 you need.
  • Niacin (B3): Surprisingly, the lack of this vitamin can predispose you to suffer from bad breath! You can also get painful canker sores. Make sure to eat fish and chicken (white meat).
  • Iron: Iron is one of the most important components of our blood and iron deficiency can lead to mouth sores and tongue inflammation, not even counting plenty other health problems like anemia.
  • Calcium: Calcium is essential to keep our bones healthy and specially if you want to get dental implants. If your are lactose intolerant, you can find calcium in other food sources like oysters, beans, broccoli and sardines!


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