Dentistry tips for Halloween!

Dentistry tips for Halloween Candy to avoid tooth decay, cavities and caries!



Are you ready for Monday!? Halloween is around the corner and we know many of our patients are concerned for the dental health of their children… and let’s be honest, we also get to enjoy our own share of sweets that day! The candy obtained on Halloween can even last for several months if you had good luck finding out the most bountiful houses. Regulating the consumption of these delicious treats can be a challenge for any parent. There are number of things we can do for our children (and ourselves!) when dealing with Halloween candy. Check these tips to protect your smile and teeth from cavities:
Avoid snacking candy:
Eating candy between meals is a terrible idea for both your diet and your dental health… specially if it’s a sugary snack! That’s why…


Eat candy right after a meal:
If you want to threat your children or yourself with Halloween candy, eat it after a meal as a desert. At this time your mouth is already increased production of saliva and these can help suppress the brunt of the effect of sugary foods and bacteria. Limit them to 2 or 3 candies per meal at most, depending on the size, this could be even just 1 a day.


Stay away from sticky candies:
Sticky candies can pose a big problem for your teeth, forcing them to work harder than usual and increasing your chances of tooth decay because they take longer to get “dissolved” by saliva, specially if they get stuck on hard to reach places between your teeth.


Reduce intake of soda and sugary drinks:
You are already taking much more sugar than usual! There is no need to increase your chances of cavities even more with sugary drinks.
Donate the rest:
You and your children might end up with lots of candies that you don’t like. It is better to give them to someone who might like them instead of keeping them in your house as a temptation. If they stay around, you could make an excuse like “just one time” or “let’s try this”, “there nothing else to snack” and end up eating more candy that you ever expected.


Double down on your dental hygiene:
You must be strict with your brushing and flossing habits every time you eat Hallowing candy. Brush at least twice a day (morning and night), and floss before going to sleep to keep your teeth and gums healthy.
Schedule your dentist appointment:
There is no better time to remember to book your dentist appointment than Halloween, when your teeth might be vulnerable. Make sure you and your kids have good dental health before going for Trick or Treat this Halloween!

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