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Dental Implants or Dental Bridge? What’s best?



There are many patients that ask, should I get a three unit bridge if I had a tooth that was extracted on an anterior area or do I get dental implants? What’s the pros and cons of doing that? Well, if you do a three unit bridge you would need to grind down the contiguous teeth. And then afterwards, you will need to do a dental bridge. Performing dental bridges, even if they are of Zirconium, the problem is that you might get food under it being stuck and the other problem is that there is no going back. You would have shaved down those two teeth but at the end you will have a beautiful three unit teeth restoration.



The good thing is that dentistry technology has advanced for the last two decades, providing the best solution for this type of dental problem. What’s the difference between using dental implants and a dental bridge? Well, instead of shaving off the two other teeth to make the base that will support the bridge, we will place a dental implant screw in the missing tooth’s socket. Sometimes this requires a little bonegraft. This way the other teeth are not affected. The only thing you might need to take into account is the fact that dental implants require a time for the bone to bond with it, anchoring and keeping it in place. At the end you will have an abutment and a crown.  If your dentist back home you need to grind down those teeth for a unit bridge, contact us to see if you are candidate for dental implants instead.



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