Can I get All-on-4 implants just in one side?

Can I get All-on-4 implants just in one side with Doctor German Arzate


All-on-4 dental implants are some of the most advanced dental implant protocols available for full mouth restoration, but many patients don’t even attempt to check to see if they are candidates because they are afraid of the cost of a full treatment. We highly recommend anyone interest to get one of our free online evaluations with our doctors because if you are worried about the cost it might turn out you can do a combined dental treatment of one side with all-on-4 (upper or bottom) and the other might only require crowns or perhaps also our other available mini implant treatment Snap in Dentures. Don’t wait on your dental care!

Here are the results of a combined treatment like we mention above with a patient we had recently.


I am so happy today because I have here with me today Tameka from Cleveland. How are you?


Great! And we want to share her story, she came in, how many days ago?


Nine days ago! She came in “Doctor can you do something? My teeth! I saw you on the internet. I saw all the videos!”. How many videos you saw?

Oh my God!

Oh my God!

Like over fifty? I had been watching the videos, and what it was so great is I felt like I knew you before I even met you!

Thank you! Well, let’s get to the point. She came in, she wanted a big beautiful change of her smile, confidence, lots of things. And I am going to explain you first the technical stuff, let’s get to look at it! We did an All-On-4 on uppers, me and all my team, they are fantastic!

The dream team!

The dream team! I have the dream team here, we are part of this big dream team. Thank you! Thank you. And we did a big surgery, we extracted teeth, we placed 4 implants, look at the size of the implants, this is a real All-On-4, if someone tells you that the All-On-4 are straight, they don’t know how to do it. They need to be expert doctors to do this type of technique. We placed 4 implants and look at the size of them, and then afterwards we did a screw-retained bar. We worked on the lower teeth, because by the way, they needed a lot of work.

No pain

No pain, root canals, from my crowns.

Yes, exactly! We are the ones.

But you told me no pain?

No, no pain at all

Good! So we did root canals we prepared for crowns, we prepared all the lower area, we did some extractions of the teeth that were not good, and this is the result!

Nine days ago she came in and she is ready to go! She’s ready to go!

Go home!

Go home! Go home! To Cleveland. And that’s what many patients do. Thank you for being part of the family. And you are so happy, what are you saying? Like right now you are Miss Cleveland?


Hola! That’s the point

I just wanna say I don’t wanna see you guys again, no I am just- I love each you and everyone! I am gonna dance cha-cha all the way.

So this is…

I learned the cha-cha

Cha-cha good! You need to come to Cancun every year at least to say hi and for a check up.

A year?

And just for a check up, is that ok?

Yeah, and for a cleaning?

Good, good! That’s a good excuse.


Ok, so this is another great story of All-On-4, what we do here it’s not magic, it’s just working with three good things: Amazing patients like you as I told you, also excellent materials, remember that we use materials FDA approved, which are the same as they use back home, and obviously the doctors expertise. And behalf of me and all my staff and all my team, the dream team as you said!

The dream team!

The dream team! Exactly thank you so much for everyone!

Muy bien!

Muy bien! Everyone! We wanna thank you. We wanna thank you. Enjoy your smile.

And I will…

Start this big change, and she looks fantastic.

Here we are. I am Dr. Arzate. Thanks for giving us your likes and following us! Here we are in Sunny Cancun. Thank you.

Yey! Me!

Yey! Thank you! Bye!


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