What to do with a broken or a knocked out tooth? (TIPS)

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Today we would like you to read this information of what to do with your tooth if its get broken or knocked of. Many of us have been on unfortunate accidents. Here in the clinic we have heard of all kinds of accidents, from a car crash to a horse kick, but sometimes you don’t need to have a big life-threatening incident to lose your teeth. One second you are happily going your way and the next one you are falling face first into the sidewalk because someone bumped into you with just enough force… and there goes your tooth. Now you would be panicking. What should you do with a broken tooth?


First of all, with some luck you would find your tooth or maybe it is still in your mouth. You need to check if the root was broken or if the whole tooth came out.  Small fractures and chipping could be fixed with veneers. These small fissures might give you trouble later if not attended right away.  A broken tooth by the gum line will likely end up having to be extracted or get a root canal and crown. The main problem here is if the nerve is exposed, because it can risk for infections and, obviously, is very painful.


Now, what if you realize your tooth was knocked out completely clean? This is what dentists can an avulsed tooth and there might still be a chance to save it if you act quick! Avoid touching the root, this is where the connection with the nerve was. Try to put it back in its place, there’s no better environment for it than there while you rush to the dentist! Mind you, only permanent teeth (adult teeth) should be re-implanted, but children should be taken to the dentist right away too. If putting it back is not possible, then place it in some milk. Handle it by the top (the crown, the cuspid). Don’t wipe with with a cloth, simply rinse it with milk or water. The sooner you go to the dentist, the higher the chances are to save that tooth!


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