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The 7 things to buy during your vacation in Cancun!

Mercado 28 Cancun
While you are in Cancun for dental tourism, it will be the perfect opportunity to get some souvenirs to bring back home. There are plenty of amazing places to go shopping in Cancun which offer all kinds of  goods. Here are some suggestions you should totally look up during your vacation in Cancun!



Buy a guayabera and huipil on vacation in CancunHuipil/Guayabera: These are the traditional garments of the region. Huipiles are white dresses with vibrant embroidments around the neck, while guayaberas are fresh cotton shirts which are commonly used for special occasions. They are the best way to beat the heat of the Caribbean and still look awesome about it!



Hammock in CancunHammocks: It is not uncommon for people in the Yucatan Peninsula to still use hammocks to sleep. They are allow the air flow keeping you fresh as night and come morning, they can be taken away, using relatively little to no space. They can be made of both natural and synthetic fibers so you can choose the one you like the most to have a nap when you go back home.



Mariachi sombreros in CancunSombrero: This is perhaps the most Mexican thing you can buy on markets. While in modern times Mexicans don’t wear the mariachi sombrero, they do make an exception on patriotic days like the Independence Day (September 16th) and Revolution Day (November 20th) to celebrate with traditional foods and music. EXTRA TIP: Before you go ahead and buy a sombrero, make sure your airline doesn’t have a problem with bringing the hat onboard. There are some airlines that don’t allow big sombreros because they might not fit on the upper compartments.



Xtabentun. Foto Silvia LuceroXtabentun: Never heard of Xtabentun? This is a liquour made of honey made specially by “Mayan bees” that are exclusively feed with Xtabentun flowers. It’s sweet flavor is unique… and it has also quite the punch! If you want to try an exotic drink this is the one to go for in Cancun!




Tequila, salt, lime, caballitoTequila: Of course we couldn’t leave out the most Mexican drink! You won’t have a problem finding tequila in Cancun. Just remember that you can’t bring liquids into the airplane’s deck so pack it safely on your luggage to check it in for cargo. Also, don’t forget to buy some caballitos glasses along with your tequila! The experience wouldn’t be complete without them!




Silver jewelry in MexicoSilver crafts: Mexico is the largest producer of silver in the world, and because of this they have developed a special love for all kinds of crafts with this precious metal. You will find anything from jewelry, silverware, figurines and more on silver stores called “platerías”.



Traditional Mexican toysTraditional Mexican toys: Your collection of Mexican souvenirs wouldn’t be complete without some handcrafted wooden toys. Small dolls, spinners, Yo-Yos and all kinds of figurines can be found on places like Coral Negro and Market 28 (Mercado 28).






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