Studies suggest stress can cause dental cavities

Stress could increase the risk of cavities.


According to experts in the field, chronic stress can cause cavities because of reduction of salivary secretion, a fact that contributes directly to a higher probability of developing caries. People who have “dry mouth” are more likely than those with higher salivary flow to suffer from teeth cavities.


Saliva is a natural defensive measure our bodies have to stave off dental caries. Thanks to its alkaline pH and its buffering, it can help remove food debris that can stay in the mouth and neutralize the acids produced by plaque to an extend. We talked before about people who sleep with their mouth opens and how also can be a risk to their teeth. Technically is the same principle. The mouth dries up and the teeth become vulnerable.


It has been estimated that in order to enjoy good oral health, people must segregate from 1 to 3 millimeters per minute of saliva. If segregation is higher, you can produce a feeling of constant drooling causing erosion on the surface of the lips. And if the opposite occurs, oral health is greatly affected. The dry mouth syndrome can generate problems in swallowing, chewing, talking and even prosthetic limbs. In addition, the patient may experience pain and irritation.


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