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Reasons to Visit Isla Mujeres?

If you’re planning to visit the Mexican Caribbean to get some dental work done and would like to make the best out of it, but haven´t quite figured where to go, here´s some info to help you decide. Isla Mujeres, “Women Island”, is a place where time passes slowly and your dreamed vacations become reality.

Isla Mujeres is located just eight miles across the Bahia de Mujeres (Women Bay) from Cancun. Isla Mujeres offers many activities to fill your days, like visiting the North Beach, awarded by its visitors with the Traveler’s choice award for being a great beach to relax. It is located as its name suggests at the North end of the island.

Snorkeling at the MUSA museum could be another great activity for you. It is located in the National Marine Park surrounding the area between Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizuc. It contains around 400 sculptures, you can visit this one of a kind museum by diving, snorkeling or boat. It can go from $190 USD and will take you there by boat, include the equipment and the ride back, with the experienced instructors as well as introduction for the inexperienced divers.

You can experience swim with Dolphins at “Dolphin Discovery” located at “Discover Island”, it’s about 15 min away from the ferry’s port. Here you will enjoy their different swimming with dolphins programs or if you are feeling adventurous, try swimming with sharks, it’s one of a kind experience. You can have this experience from 11:00 am for confirmed swims and you must be there 30 min earlier to receive the instructions to enjoy the experience at its fullest, the costs go around $120 USD.

There are some art galleries to visit, like Kimberly art & gem gallery where you´ll be able to find all kinds of things from a simple souvenir till an adorable vintage dresser, they also have several workshops to attend, as an activity, shops to browse through, tours to nearby wonders and the beautiful white sand beaches to enjoy.

If you feel like paying a visit to the turtle farm in Sac Bajo (North of Playa Paraiso), here’s some helpful information. It is a government sponsored hatchery for sea turtles that are currently in danger of extinction. There is no fee for admission, but donations are highly appreciated. Every year, turtles come to Isla Mujeres shores to lay their eggs around summertime and the turtle farm team, collects them for protection in their 60 days incubation period. If you’re planning to go we would strongly recommend you go late July, that way you’ll be able to be part of turtle releases held all over the island where hundreds of baby turtles are released into the sea at the same time. If you’re already on the island don’t worry because they have young and old turtles in tanks as well as other marine life.

Wondering where to go for a snack? Let us tell you about this little place that’s absolutely a must try for breakfast! Known for their unique and original egg dishes “Cazuelas” as well as wonderful crepes, La Cazuela has been opened for almost 20 years. It has a bright and cheerful decor with indoor and outdoor seating. It’s located one block up from Hidalgo, on the corner of Guerrero & Abasolo. It’s Open daily from 7:00 am – 2:00 pm.

Another place we would also recommend is “Limon”, a wonderful addition to elegant Isla dining with a unique menu! It’s located mid-island near the Super Express. This restaurant is recommended especially for Dinner, it´s located in Colonia la Gloria.

The way to get to the island from Cancun is taking a 20 minute ferry ride which only costs around $11 USD round-trip per person, leaving Cancun from Turtle’s beach port every half hour from 5:00am until 9:30 pm with two extra shuttles every hour, one at 10:30 and another at 11:30 pm. To get back to Cancun they have the same schedules every half hour with the exception of three extra shuttles at 10:00pm, 11:00pm and 12:00am.

So consider visiting this natural paradise with so many activities to offer!

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