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How to fix big gaps between your teeth?

How to fix big gaps between your teeth?


For a lot of people teeth crowding is a problem but also the opposite can be a real aesthetic issue. Some of the reasons why we have gaps between the teeth can be the following:


  • Suction or thrust of the tongue against the teeth: When the tongue is interposed or pushed against the teeth for a long period of time can end up shifting and separating them. This may be due to having a larger than normal tongue (macroglossia) or a nervous habit that certain people have.
  • Disproportion between the size of the maxillary bone and the teeth: When the maxilla has developed in excess, resulting in area too large for them, they can’t simply occupy all the given space.


Veneers (and sometimes crowns) can be the solution of choice when we find a disproportion between the size of the maxillary bone and the teeth. It is also used when the diastema (space between teeth) is due to the suction or thrust of the tongue against them. The function of the veneers in these cases is to fill and disguise the empty spaces. We also have the advantage that the veneers not only correct the separation of them, but also can end with aesthetic problems such as position, shape or color.
The other option it to get a treatments with orthodontics to relocate them on the correct position. This process obviously takes more time because the dentist needs to make adjustments slowly while your teeth move from the bone every month or so. You will also be required to wear a retainer after your braces are taken off.



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