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Great dental experience in Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry!

Affordable Dental Crowns cost in Cancun


This time we got a patient from San Francisco visiting Cancun looking for affordable dentistry! Armando is an amazing patient and we were so happy to help him! He was also excited to get affordable dental crowns because the estimate back home would have cost him more than $7,000 USD and here he was able to save up to 70% while having a great time in Cancun.


This is what Armando had to say about us:

Yadira, Olivia, Cesar… all were amazing, great listeners and I felt they truly wanted the best for me. The dental experience was amazing. Honestly, I wouldn’t change anything. Keep up the great work listening to the patient and accommodating them. I really appreciate being listened to when something was uncomfortable. I really look forward to coming back for future visits!


That is perhaps one of the big differences between us and other dental practices… we take time to talk to the patient, get to know them, learn what they want and feel so we can work together on finding a solution that adapts to their budget and needs. We also understand traveling to another country can seem scary and they might be more nervous than usual, but our staff will be with you on every step of the way. Doctor German Arzate has a great disposition and is full of energy, he not only loves to create new smiles but also makes art.


If you want to know more about what our dentists in Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry can do for you call toll free from USA and Canada 1-800-565-1424, or if you are already on vacation in Cancun and want to meet us, you can call us for an appointment at the following local number (998) 1-40-51-25.

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