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Snap in Dentures are mini implant dentures that can improve your life quality by giving you the chance to enjoy food again and giving you back your confidence. There are many things you can’t eat while eating regular dentures like sticky foods that would make your teeth move or fall. Hundreds of people would give up their favorite meals because they don’t have the confidence of eating them again. Others would have denture problems because of the gag reflex from the roof of the palate. All of these denture issues can affect your nutrition and give you more health problems. Snap in Dentures is a perfect solution. Here we see our dear patient Amber trying her new teeth for the first time and enjoying a snicker bar after many years:


So today we are done! After six days! And I have Amber here from New York. How many years without having a snicker?

uh… like two, three, four years. This is amazing! Are you saying I’m going to eat this?

Please do it!

Wow, no way! This is the greatest day of my life! Okay! Oh I forgot…
You forgot? How to eat it? One of the most complex things to do is to eat a snickers because they are so strong… and your dentures, it would stick to your dentures. So after three years let’s see Amber. After 6 days that we did that surgery.

No way! OH MY GOD. Bring me all the chocolate!

all the chocolate! Now you are going to have more confidence about the way you eat.

And it doesn’t stick…
No. They don’t move. They are anchored over implants. Snap in Dentures are anchored over implants, and I’m glad that you are able to eat. So go for celery, go for snickers, go for an apple, go for different things! Whatever you mention! There is no restriction. As long as you are confident and you feel strong, that’s the way that it works. Snap in Dentures, they really work! Thank you! Thank you! I love the way that she bites. Do you think you can make it with nuts?

Oh, they are my favorite.

Oh! We are going to try that one! Later on! Go for snickers! Thank you! Doctor German Arzate, Snap in Dentures, Sunny Cancun, thank you for watching!


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