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Dental implants or dental bridges for teeth in posterior area?

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If you are looking forward to getting dental implants on your posterior area where you have already lost your teeth, there’s a solution. Patients request a dental solution and we have different things available. The first one, could be to perform a bridge, but a regular bridge would need to compromise the contiguous teeth as you need to shave them down and perform a 3 unit bridge.¬† The other solution could be to have a partial denture but that one also requires teeth to get anchored to the sides. Patients don’t like them too much because it’s uncomfortable for the tongue.


Having missing teeth in that area would eventually provoke other problems as time goes by. What happens if the bone continues to recede? Well, there’s not going to be bone on height and width for implant. If there’s enough width of the bone we can certainly place dental implants here. We can place one, we can place two, we can place three implants there or we can place two and a bridge. This will depend on each patient’s case.


On these types of cases the best way to go this is because you can also preserve a little bit more the height of that bone, we don’t wanna lose more bone there. Even if you do bone grafting and different techniques that are available, like ridge splitting, at the end the bone tends to come down and recede when you don’t have that bone with that type of stimulation. The bone is intended to be loaded, that’s very important to understand.


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