Are Alzheimer and Gum disease related? Study says YES.

Are Alzheimer and Gum disease related? Study says YES.


That’s right, the possibility that Alzheimer and gum disease might be linked has been studied for years and there is a huge relationship between both conditions. Patients who used not to take care of their oral hygiene have suffered or suffer from Alzheimer.

First, it starts as gingivitis, which is a disease of the gums. It occurs when there is no brushing, flossing or mouthwash. Subsequently, dental plaque appears, that is, solidified food remains between the teeth and also under the gums. This produces irritation, the gums swell and turn red.

Gingivitis that is not treated will become periodontitis; which is an extreme case of dental disease. The gums bleed, become inflamed, and the teeth move. Finally, it ends in tooth loss.

But periodontitis has many side effects in addition to losing teeth because it appears that when the gum and bone get infected that bacteria might easily travel to the brain through the blood.


Are Alzheimer and Gum disease related? Study says YES.

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