All-on-6 dental implant treatment review in Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry



We have a new patient with All-on-6 dental implants and Doctor German Arzate made a video with him to explain about his treatment at our dental clinic in Cancun. All-on-6 is a classic treatment for mouth restoration with a permanent titanium bar.

Doctor German Arzate DDS: Hello everyone! This is the classical way of putting implants. All-on-6. This is the third day he’s been here. See how good the healing process we have. The gums, they look really good. They look pink. A little bruise here because we didn’t have no bone but now we have three implants on this side, we have three implants on the other side. See there are no external bruises, there’s nothing. We did a surgery from here to here, just to put 6 implants. Everything looks ok. These are the stitches that they are going to dissolve by themselves. What we do is that obviously, once we have the implants, we don’t want them to below so what we do is that we set a denture, is a temporary denture. How long it took to put in the implants? Like 2 hours, no?

“Yeah, two, it didn’t take long.”

Doctor German Arzate DDS: Two or three hours. There was no IV sedation. There was nothing because he was a very tough patient. What about the pain? Tell us about the pain.

“I didn’t have much pain.”

Doctor German Arzate DDS: No? That’s good, that’s good to know. I know that from the begining there’s like ‘ok, I come with teeth, am I going to leave without teeth?’ but no, aftar five days you will… will you smile for me? We have teeth, obviously, we have teeth. And I thank you for trusting and I just wanted to make this video becuase this can help many people that want to do implants, but they don’t know, ‘Am I going to be without teeth’ or ‘what’s going to be the procedure?’. I really thank you for helping me do videos for the many patients that we have. Just relax in five days, meanwhile we have the procedure, so he’s going to go back with teeth. Next time you come I always request that you only give between 8 to 10 days, because then we need to do those abutments, take impressions of those abutments and now we are ready to put that hybrid bar. We call it hybrid bar because is metal/porcelain or metal/acrylic, depends on the technique and the way is going to be matching the lowers.


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