A link between periodontitis and Alzheimer’s?

We have a another good reason to go to the dentist to avoid periodontitis. A Study from the University of Southampton and King’s College London links periodontitis with an increased likelihood of cognitive impairment with early-stage Alzheimer’s.


On the six-month follow-up of 59 people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease, the authors found that those with periodontitis had a much higher rate of cognitive impairment than those with better oral health. Periodontitis occurs when the infection of the gums is allowed to advance without treatment. Then this infection reaches the tissue and bones that support the teeth. Gum disease is very common in the elderly,  when dental hygiene is often neglected. The study examined precisely whether periodontitis is associated with increased severity of dementia and subsequent progression of impairment in people with Alzheimer’s disease.

After six months, the researchers repeated the evaluation in 52 of the patients and found that periodontitis as a basis was associated with a relative increase in the degree of cognitive impairment. The study authors concluded that periodontitis is associated with increased neurological damage of this disease, possibly by mechanisms linked to the body’s inflammatory response and the immune system overworking. Hypothesis have been put forward that an stressed immune system ‘mistaking’ and affecting parts of the brains.


According to the researchers, 80% of adults over 55 years in the UK in 2009 had periodontitis, which is the major cause of tooth loss. In addition, they claim that 40% of adults 65-74 years and adults over 75 years of age present less than 21 of their 32 teeth, most of whom report having gingivitis before losing them. These numbers are also similar to USA and Canada. This is why you should get dental cleanings twice a year to prevent gum disease.


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