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Advantages of dental implants

Researching dental implants is the most important step to make an informed decision for your health. Implant dentistry has advanced at incredible leaps for the last few years, providing a good solution for people to restore look and functionality to their mouths with regular dental implants.

How Long Dental Implants Last?

Dental implants are made of titanium, one of the most durable materials that is bio-compatible with the human body. These implants can last for decades with the proper care and maintenance. You should definitely follow the cleaning instructions given by your dentist to keep them clean. Always brush after a meal and use water irrigators when possible to get rid of any food debris trapped in hard to reach places. You must avoid plaque build up or the integrity of the implant might get compromised.

Cancun Cosmetic DentistryDo dental implants hurt?

One of the questions we get the most is if dental implants hurt. The placing procedure might leave you a bit sore but otherwise, dental implants feel and look like natural teeth once the rehabilitation of the screw with the crown is over. You shouldn’t have any pain and you will be able to eat normally again. All implant procedures are performed with local anesthesia to numb the area. You might only require some over the counter pain-killers the first couple of days after placing the implants and those can be obtained easily in any local drug store pharmacy. The dentists will give you a prescription for what you might need.

Why is Mexico cheaper?

Dental Implants in Mexico are cheaper not because they are done with different materials, as in fact all implants are imported and FDA approved. The biggest factor for more affordable prices is that the clinics don’t have to pay exorbitant rents. Cost of life in Mexico is lower which helps offset salaries and services. The materials are the same!

Reasons to travel to Mexico for dental implants

One of the best reasons to get Dental implants in Cancun is to do it during your vacation. Cancun is only 2 hours away from Florida and you can finish most dental work in a single week while you enjoy the beach and the sun.

You will experience the best dental service with a team of professionals for a fraction of the price you would pay in the USA. This first-class high-quality dental service would be out of the reach of regular patients, but you have the chance to get your full-mouth restoration here and save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in your dental treatment.

Cancun Cosmetic DentistryType of treatments with dental implants

Dental implants can be used to replace one tooth, make a bridge, or replace all the teeth of an arch with a fixed titanium bar (All-on-4 implants) or with a removable denture (Snap in Dentures). You can also combine dental work to complete your Hollywood smile by doing one arch with implants and the other with dental crowns.

The best thing of all is that you will get a free diagnosis for dental implants when you contact us to see what we can do for you. Our dental experts will get in touch with you an coordinate a free dental evaluation using your mouth x-rays and photos. They will do a video analyzing your results and give you the best dental treatment advice.

Dental Implant Treatments


How Long Should I Go To Get An Implant Placed?
To get regular implants placed you only need a few days to do any extractions, place the implants and get a follow up to make sure everything is fine.
If I Need Several Implants, How Long Does It Take?
Usually all implants are placed in the same appointment. The surgery takes approximately about 30 minutes per implant. This does not count patient prep and anesthesia.
How Many Days Will I Be In Pain?
Everyone’s pain threshold is different. Some people only have mild discomfort in their gums and some will require more than a couple of days of pain killers.
Can I Do My Normal Activities?
It’s recommended to rest and relax for the next 24 hours after the dental implant surgery to give time for your body to recuperate. After that you might feel ready to do some light activity. We suggest to use a cap or a hat to avoid sunstroke and take a lot of liquids afterward.
Can I Drink Alcohol?
No, you shouldn’t drink alcohol after your surgery because you will l get antibiotics to prevent infection and alcohol can affect the healing tissue in your mouth.
Will The Implant Be Placed The Same Day?
Usually you can get implants placed the same day. The doctor can tell you if you will be able to get the implant the same day after extractions or cleaning the bone if there was already an infection.
How Do I Know How Long I Should Wait, 3,4, 5 Or 6 Months?
It depends in the type bone and the health of the patient. The doctor will check your x-rays and bone during surgery to make the estimate.
How I Know I Am A Good Candidate For Treatment?
You need to take panoramic x-rays of your mouth, as well as photos of your teeth from different angles so the doctor can make an accurate diagnosis.
What Is The Risk Of Infection?
As long as you follow the doctor’s instructions in how to clean your gums and stitches, the risk of infection should be very low.
What Is The Risk Of Implant Failure?
Every medical surgery carries a risk of failure. Dental implants are no different. We use medical grade titanium implants which are the most bio-compatible material with the human body, the same used in hip replacements and screws. The chance of success is close to 96% on healthy patients but there are factors that could lower that percentage, like previous smoking, drinking, drug abuse, history of bad oral hygiene, bone disease, etc.
Can I Enjoy My Holidays Even If The Implants Are Put In?
You should be able to relax and have a good time after resting when you get your dental implants. We would recommend avoiding extreme sports like skydiving, bungee jump, and the like. Most tours, swimming and visiting Mayan archeological sites should be ok. Ask your doctor if you have any question.
How Long Do Implants Last?
Depending on how well you take care of them, implants can last up to a couple of decades.
Can You Prescribe Me A Medicine With Morphine For Pain?
No, we cannot prescribe morphine. If you have resistance to pain killers, please talk with the doctors about the options available to you.
Where Do I Buy My Medicines?
There are many affordable pharmacies close to the clinic where you can get your prescription from this treatment. If you are already taking some kind of medication please make sure to bring enough for your trip as there might not be the same brands in Mexican pharmacies.
Is Sedation With General Anesthesia?
No, we do not use General Anesthesia. We use Sedation Dentistry where you will be in a responsive state but you won’t remember anything during the procedure. You might fall asleep with Sedation Dentistry but likely because you might get bored in that state.
Does The Medicines Include In The Price?
No. Prescribed medicines and pain-killers are not included in the price.
Do I Have To Go Every Day?
Depending on the treatment you might be required to come every day for a few hours or every other day.
Can I Eat Before I Go To My Appointment?
You cannot drink or eat 8 hours before your surgery in case you are getting Sedation Dentistry.
Is The Place Clean And Sterile?
Yes. We follow the highest international standards with all our units and equipment.
Do I Have To Bring My Own Pain Medicines?
Depending if you have a resistance to over the counter pain-killers, please let the doctor know beforehand so they can advise you according to your case.
If I Take Several Medications, Is There Any Special Indication?
Yes, the doctor will tell you if any of your medications are contraindicated for a procedure.
How Many Years Of Experience Does The Doctor Have?
Doctor German Arzate has over 20 years of experience with dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. Our team of dentists have different specializations to cover all your needs.
Do You Use Dental Material Made In Mexico?
No. We import all our materials from the USA, Canada, Europe and Japan.
If I Have An Emergency Who Can I Call?
We will give you a follow up number you can call to get in touch with us for any questions or instructions.

Take the first step to the smile of your dreams

One of the first things you need to do to get your smile makeover is get a good dental diagnosis. Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry has an amazing team of dentists that have years of experience on implant dentistry and smile design, offering the right affordable dental treatments to restore your mouth. The process to diagnose starts by contacting us here! Send us your mouth photos and x-rays so we can find the best solution for your smile!

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