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Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry

Sinus Lift & Bone Grafts

Cancun Cosmetic DentistryTooth extractions, tooth decay, diseases, injuries and deformities all may contribute to damage the jaw bone, also its deterioration and loss. But we have the solution! We have done the best dental work even in the most complex conditions! Bone grafts may be needed to rehabilitate the height and density of the alveolar ridge and Sinus Lifts. It can be applied to prepare your bone for the dental implants. Once it gets ready we will have all the way going to restore your new smile!

Sinus Lifts or Bone Grafts can be performed with local anesthesia or under sedation (Sedation Dentistry). This procedure takes about 2 hours.

Our team of specialists is prepared to perform any type of dental surgery at our clinic. We have attended from a single implant to full mouth makeover!

Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry

Sinus lift for dental implants!

Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry

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Bone Graft Surgery

Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry

Bone Grafting is the replacement or augmentation of the portion of the jaw bone that anchors the teeth. It’s a surgical procedure that solves the loss or resorption of the jaw bone that may have been damaged due to lack of tooth stimulation or tooth loss, dental trauma, infections or diseases. This procedure helps to rebuild the bone structure beneath the gums. Sometimes it must be done before placing the dental implants or other tooth replacements.

Bone graft also help to promote or stimulate new bone growth in the specific area. This surgery restores both the height and width of your jawbone. The material is provided from “Bone banks” and it is a procedure that allows you to get Dental Implants. Provides stability and strength in the placement of the implants.

Healthy and complete jawbone structures are critical for the new implant retention, also for aesthetic reasons. When bone is missing, or it’s too narrow or has poor quality, teeth do not function. When teeth are missing due tooth decay, the mouth area of the face eventually loses structure.


Sinus Lift Surgery

Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry

The sinus-lift surgery is a procedure that is used to fill the lack of bone that serves to hold teeth in their place on your upper jaw. When there has been a long period of time without a tooth, the hollow area absorbs the rest of space.

The sinus-lift augment the bone mass in the top jaw (maxilla), which increases the success in the placement of dental implants in that area. It is also known as sinus augmentation, this surgery adds bone to your upper jaw in the area above your teeth. The new bone is filled between your jaw and the maxillary sinuses. To make space for the bone, the sinus membrane has to be lifted lightly.

In other words, the sinus lift consist in moving upward the maxillary sinuses. It is performed when there is not enough bone in the upper jaw, which means that the sinuses are too close to the jaw. Dental implants must be placed once the bone is prepared. Sometime we attend patients with narrow bones that are very strong, in the other hand it can be the opposite case. Our dentists evaluate the condition of every patient to get the best result.

The shape and the size of this sinus varies according to each individual. In addition, the sinus can get larger as you age. That is the main reason why sinus-lifts have become common over the past 15 years as more patients are getting dental implants to replace missing teeth.

The cost of treatment at our clinic in Cancun is much lower than in other countries. We use the same materials and equipment that dentists use in the USA and Canada for a fraction of the cost.


Before & After

Our dental implant system is the best in the market. We only work with the best materials, renowned brands, and with the most prepared professionals. Here you can appreciate the big change that our patients get after our dental implant procedures. All the results are amazing! You have so much to win here! We take these pictures to show the big difference between the first day they came before compared to the final day! Get a full smile in just one week.

Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry
Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry

Take the first step to the smile of your dreams

One of the first things you need to do to get your smile makeover is get a good dental diagnosis. Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry has an amazing team of dentists that have years of experience on implant dentistry and smile design, offering the right affordable dental treatments to restore your mouth. The process to diagnose starts by contacting us here! Send us your mouth photos and x-rays so we can find the best solution for your smile!

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