Do you have GUM DISEASE!? – Symptoms and Signs

Gum disease and hormonal changes in Women


Gum disease is one of the most common maladies in Dentistry second only to cavities and impacted wisdom teeth. A 2010 study found that almost 50% of american adults have developed some level of periodontitis (gum disease). This is really important to know because YOU could have it right now and not realize it. Untreated gum disease can lead to several dental complications like tooth loss and accelerated bone loss! The disease is caused by bacteria that is living in your mouth and affecting the tissue of your gums (inflammation). You must remove the food leftover plaque from your teeth every time you brush your teeth and floss.
You really don’t want to lose your teeth any time soon… while you could replace them with our affordable dental implants, that’s still quite an investment that could have been prevent by very VERY easy steps.



How do I know if I have gum disease?

There are several signs you need to look out when you brush your teeth after every meal:

  • Bad Breath – If even after you wash your teeth and use a mouthwash you STILL have bad breath that’s one of the symptoms you might have gum disease.
  • Red/swollen gums – The bacteria is irritating your gum tissue!
  • Tender/Bleeding gums – Caused by inflammation from bacteria.
  • Painful chewing – The tooth itself might not hurt but the area around it might. Receding gums or teeth “looking longer” – You could have started to notice that your teeth look longer. This is because the gums are shrinking because of the disease. There might be pain and sensitivity as the root of the teeth get exposed.
  • Loose teeth – This is an emergency sign telling you you need to go to the dentist ASAP. It could mean the bone around your teeth has receded too much and you might be in danger of actually losing your teeth!


Make sure you go to your dentist twice a year to prevent this and many other dental problems! If you think dentists in USA are too expensive then you can seek our dentists during your vacation in Cancun and save lots of money.


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