All on 4 Happy Patient Success Story!


We had the privilege of welcoming our dear patient Rachelle, who traveled all the way from California to Cancun for her smile makeover. For many years, Rachelle endured tooth pain and was unhappy with her smile. Despite seeking help from numerous dentists in California, she couldn’t find a satisfactory solution. Determined to improve her dental health and appearance, Rachelle discovered our dental services in Cancun and decided to embark on a dental tourism journey.

Upon her arrival, Rachelle received a comprehensive clinical evaluation from our experienced doctors. Based on her needs, we recommended the advanced All on 4 procedure. Developed by Dr. Malo and Nobel Biocare, this technique uses titanium dental implants, renowned for their quality and FDA approval. The All on 4 process involves placing two dental implants at the front and two tilted implants at the sides, ensuring enhanced stability for a titanium bar that supports the new teeth. This method allows patients to bite into hard foods without any issues.

The All on 4 procedure is transformative, offering patients a beautiful, confident smile and a robust bite. This advanced technique is performed by a select group of dentists with extensive experience in dental implant dentistry. While All on 4 can be prohibitively expensive in the USA, opting for the procedure in Cancun can save patients thousands of dollars.

Our doctors require patients to stay in Cancun for about 8 to 10 days, during which they place the implants and create the new titanium bar. Patients can customize the shape, color, and size of their new teeth, ensuring a perfect fit and appearance.

Rachelle’s journey to Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry is a testament to the life-changing impact of the All on 4 procedure. By choosing our clinic, patients not only receive top-tier dental care but also enjoy the beauty and relaxation of Cancun. Join Rachelle and many others who have discovered the benefits of dental tourism in Cancun. Your perfect smile is just a visit away.

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