Café restaurant offering benedictine eggs and eggs to order, chilaquiles, pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, paninis and many other options.

Cafe Antoinette

Cafe Antoinette combines Mexican and French baking traditions in their food. Enjoy eggs, salads, croissants, french toast, crepes and more.

Flor de Lis

Flor de Lis is a restaurant with many years of history. It has a tamal factory that produces hundreds of delicious tamales. You can also order eggs, pancakes, Mexican sweet bread and chilaquiles.

Belgian Waffle Boutique

Start your day with a sweet treat. Belgian Waffle Boutique offers waffles, pancakes, crepes, eggs, milkshakes and more.

100% Natural

Start the day with a 100% natural breakfast! You’ll find juices, fruit cocktails, salads and delicious breakfast options.

Café Nader

Nobody can resist the aroma of bread in the oven, which will be ready when the bell rings. Drink delicious roasted Veracruz coffee with a great selection of Mexican traditional breakfast items.

La casa de los abuelos

This restaurant offers “home-made” style traditional Mexican breakfasts, eggs and a great number of baked good to enjoy with your coffee. There are several franchises around the city.


The restaurant is built over the ocean and enjoys a fantastic view. Enjoy seafood and cocktails.


Come enjoy grilled seafood specialties and amazing view of the Caribbean sea!

Los Aguachiles

Try delicious spicy seafood, fried fish, shrimp skewers, ceviche and more.

El Oasis

El Oasis is a big restaurant mimics a huge beach palapa. Located in the city downtown across a Costco, so it’s a very convenient spot.

El Fish Fritanga

Seafood restaurant bar with ceviche and pescadillas (stuffed fried tacos with nurse shark meat).

Los de Pescado

Seafood tacos, burritos, tostadas and ceviche. They have several locations through out the city where you can enjoy them.

Los Chachalacos

A Mexico City style food restaurant with a variety of the best street food you can eat.

Los Tarascos

Classic pastor tacos, chicken fajitas and tortas. They have several other locations in the city.

Los Meros de Jalisco

Carne en su jugo is a traditional meat soup dish from the state of Jalisco, the Land of Mariachi. You can also find “tortas ahogadas”, fried tacos, and other delicacies.

La Parrilla

Get a pastor pizza or a traditional molcajete with chicken, pork and beef. Also located at the Malecon Americas’ food court.

TGI Fridays

A classic American restaurant to satiate your apetite with hamburgers, french fries, onion rings and wings.


Hooters is the perfect place to get a nice plate of wings while you watch you favorite sports in the many TVs available through out the venue.


Cheesters (or Chstr) offers a wide variety of  salads, pizzas and pastas with creative combinations. The big pasta and salad portions are great to share between two or even three people.

Olive Garden

Tasty soups, salads, pasta, pizzas, and meat with full meal packages and unlimited breadsticks!


Unparalleled service and the best contemporary Mexican cuisine. Their recipes are a fusion of contemporary urban cuisine.  The chef’s touch is what gives soul and flavor to each dish.

Puerto Madero

Are you in mood of some fine dining? Here you can revel with some of the best steaks and lobsters you can find in sunny Cancun.


Find the best meat cuts and have an unforgettable dinner at the best fine dining in Cancun.


Taboo Restaurant embraces Mediterranean cuisine. The fresh and original ingredients are prepared in an extraordinary way, focusing on their purity, authenticity and the reinterpretation of the most iconico recipes of Mediterranean cuisine.


Tora presents a contemporary concept of Fine Japanese cuisine, integrating ancient and avant-garde techniques and becoming one of the best restaurants in Cancun & Tulum.


Ilios honors the breadth of Greek cuisine by bringing traditional gastronomy to a new level of elegance and sophistication.


One of the most exclusive restaurants in Cancun, offering a la carte menu and lobster specialties.


You’ll fine Mexican and international fine cuts and delicious sea food cuisine.


A gastronomic proposal of flavors and seasoning representing every corner of Mexico.


This is the main dock from which you can arrive and come back from mainland.

Playa Norte

Have lunch or dinner in Playa Norte (North Beach). Try the traditional local dish “Tikinxic” (Tikin-shik, achiote marinated grilled fish).


This aquarium focuses on protecting the nests and baby turtles from predators and poachers. Come to take photos and buy a souvenir to support with their conservation efforts.

Golf carts rentals

Isla Mujeres is small enough that can be explored driving a golf cart.

South side dining

Casa Rolandi’s Restaurant and Zama Beach and Lounge are some of the best options to eat while exploring the southern side of the island.

Mayan Ruins

The Mayan ruins in Isla Mujeres were dedicated to Ixchel, goddess of midwifery and fertility. They are located in “Punta Sur”, the southern most point of the island.

Dubai Palace Casino

Do you feel lucky? Even if you don’t Dubai Palace Casino has tons of entertainment and menu options to have a great time. Don’t miss the big game on your vacation and watch it here with great food and drinks!

Dosha Tan Spa

A great place to relax and pamper your self, offering services like beauty salon, waxing, makeup, hairstylist, hair treatments, body therapies and tanning.

Our Staff

We have the most kind and experienced team of professionals that will work together to bring back the beauty of your smile! You should know that our team of doctors and assistants is fully trained, prepared and certified by Mexican health laws.


Find the best prices while you enjoy the beach! There are no hidden costs: what you see is what you get.  You will get huge savings compared to prices back home even with travel expenses included.

Private units

Our clinic is located in the Malecón Américas Shopping Mall, at the entrance to the Cancun Hotel Zone, the best Caribbean destination for a dental vacation. All our units are private rooms with air conditioned so you won’t be sharing space with other patients during your treatment.