What to do if you have sensitive teeth?

What to do if you have sensitive teeth?



Teeth sensitivity can turn a patient’s life into a nightmare. Sensitive teeth produce pain and discomfort especially when eating or when drinking certain foods. However, in most cases dental sensitivity can be treated by going to the dentist in Cancun and following her instructions. It is important that patients with sensitivity visit their dental clinic as soon as possible, since the nerve of the teeth could be exposed.


Sensitive teeth usually happen when the gums begin to recede.  When the gums separate and move away from the teeth, the roots are exposed and unprotected. The tips of these roots contain small tubules that lead directly to the nerves of the teeth, so that under pressure, heat or cold causes acute pain.  Other reason could be the cause of cavities or sometimes could also be temporal sensitivity from dental whitening. Whitening usually affect the outer layer of the tooth which is why you should be careful a few hours after this. In fact, for this reason, you shouldn’t use any whitening toothpaste unless indicated by your dentists.


The market offers different products that allow to reduce the pain produced by sensitive teeth and improve their condition, as well as that of the gums. Special toothpaste containing potassium nitrate, for example, help reduce the annoyances associated with tooth sensitivity.  Mouthwashes can also help to calm the situation, as long as its composition contains fluoride. In addition to combating sensitive teeth, mouth rinses allow the patient to enjoy a feeling of cleanliness, eliminating a lot of bacteria.


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