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Tooth regeneration and the future of dentistry

Teeth regeneration: The future of dental implants



Recent dental studies suggest that the future of dentistry lies on dental restoration treatments as an alternative for dental implants. Considering the wear, infections and accidents suffered by teeth throughout life, finding a way to regenerate new teeth would be a huge advance for dentistry. Understanding the operation of dental regeneration of alligators (one of the few animals who can regenerate their teeth) would be key to find ways to apply it to the human species.


Thus adult teeth that have been damaged due to consumption of acidic and sugary foods, those that have been lost by accidents or even teeth that have fallen because of periodontal disease may recover by creating new teeth. Future dentists could develop new methods for generating human teeth based on  active stem cells. A study conducted by several Chinese laboratories found that certain dental structures can be generated by stem cells. This assumption means that we could regenerate dental tissue specific stem cells provided by the patient.


Although adult stem cells have been effectively used in various treatments related to tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, much more research is still required to bring to fruition dental regeneration. This particular study concluded that stem cells from human urine containing enamel could be the key for such breakthrough.


One of the main challenges of regeneration is to provide dental structures that have long-term integrity. Dental implants are made of titanium so they provide a strong structural integrity and the new regenerated tissue would have to offer a similar strength. It might take a couple of decades before this can become a reality but we will do out best to offer you the most modern treatment available if it happens.


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