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Swim with a Whale Shark on your dental vacation in Cancun!

Swim with a Whale Shark on your dental vacation in Cancun!


Holbox is part of a natural reserve, one of the largest in the region, a couple of hours north of Cancun. This is a small strip of land surrounded by mangroves, lagoon and sea. Inside the island, all the streets are white sand, there is no pavement and there are only some cars. The traditional means of transport are electric golf carts and bicycles.

Holbox has become quite a tourist destination, particularly in adventure tourism and people looking to relax surrounded by nature. One of the main activities of the inhabitants of this beautiful island, is the lobster fishing, om season; in local restaurants, you can try lobster-based dishes (including “lobster pizza”).

In Holbox you can hire various tours to swim  Whale Sharks, but we can also help you arrange them with anticipation. Just contact our dental planners and vacational helpers. This tour is a boat ride in which the visitors can see, and sometimes, swim or “snorkel” with the whale shark . This happens during the months of May to September. The whale shark is harmless, that is why you can swim next to it or just observe them feeding. You would be required to keep your distance as they are still quite large and their tail is quite powerful. You don’t want to get slapped, right?

The Whale Shark lives in the oceans and warm seas, near the tropics. It usually acts in a solitary way, although from time to time they form groups to feed themselves in areas with large concentrations of food. If you are lucky you can get to see it during your dental vacation!



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