Snap in Dentures Review: “Beyond my expectation!”

Snap in Dentures Review: "Beyond my expectation!" with Doctor Wendy


If you have extensive dental decay, broken teeth or other problems, getting Snap in Dentures might be the right solution for you. Our mini implant dentures replace all the teeth on one arch and can be done on in both uppers and lowers. We have decades of experience with dental implants and this is one of the most affordable implant denture alternative available for patients who are looking to restore their smiles.  This time, we had the visit from Max, who is originally from China but is already a USA citizen. He was looking for a solution for his dental problems but regular dentures were not of his liking. In just a single vacation trip he was able to get strong stable teeth with these mini implant dentures in Cancun.  Here’s part of the video and a full transcript of his comments:




Dr. Wendy: Hello, we are here with our patient Max. Max is from China, and now he lives in Oregon, and well, he get a Snap in Dentures, and tell us, how was your experience here Max?

Max K.: Just wonderful, beyond my expectation, everything come true, and then some more, slowly but surely, I was losing my teeth, and this last for three years, it gets so bad, I can note at some food and more, so I get to the point i have to make a decision. I was convinced by the doctor here, that Snap in Dentures was the best for me, and under the circumstances. So along with it, seem to be working fine.

Dr. Wendy: And what do you think about our installations, the clinic, and the equipment?

Max K.: It is state of the art, modern, clean, safe, very functioning, and very pleasant, all staff including doctors, they are very engaging, and very pleasant and welcome. And this confidence, they seem to have passion to all the question that I have, and that was satisfying.

Dr. Wendy: So thank you so much Max, we have another happy patient of Snap in Dentures, you can be another happy patient, thank you.

Max K.: Thank you!


Video reviews of mini implant dentures and other dental treatments are a great tool to make a decision about your dental care. You can hear the patients talking about their real experiences. Anyone can make up written reviews online, but video testimonials have obviously much more weight for credibility. We have over 300 videos on our main YouTube channel and many more on our other dental product channels. Check them out too!


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