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Second time in Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry (video review)

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Cancun has thousands of American and Canadian visitors every month, and many of them return each year to have fun. Some of these visitors then discover Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry while they walking through Malecon Americas Shopping Mall, one of the most popular shopping spots in Cancun! They get a big surprise when they decide to look inside the clinic and find a high tech first class dental practice with services that cost a fraction of the price back home. Some patients decide to get something quick like a dental cleaning or teeth whitening because they did not expect to find such a good opportunity in such a short notice, but most of our curious visitors end up making plans to get everything they need for their oral health and cosmetic dentistry on their next trip. An example of that is our patient Sherry, who came back to complete more the dental work. This is her video testimonial and transcription:



Hello I’m Sherry Green. This is my second trip back to the clinic. The first time I had 11 teeth done, the second time now, I had 4. The work was fantastic, saved a lot of money! The crew are very friendly. Very little pain. I saved a lot of money and I got to do some more vacation things with that, and I really recommend coming.


Ok, what is your plan about the next trip?


Next trip? sure. Take another week off work. Still be getting a little work done. A little is fine. It’s a great excuse to come to Cancun, to get work done!


Ok, what do you think about Cancun?


Oh, Cancun is fantastic. This is my fifth trip here. Yeah, absolutely wonderful.


Thank you Sherry!


Thank you back!



If you want to know more about what our dentists in Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry can do for you call toll free from USA and Canada 1-800-565-1424, or if you are already here and want to meet us, you can call us for an appointment at the following local number (998) 1-40-51-25.

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