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Patient Shelley and Casey Black Dental Implants at Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Implants and Crowns at Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry


Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry staff would like to thank our patient Shelley Black from Golden British Columbia, Canada for choosing our dental clinic for her dental needs. She got done some Dental Implants and crowns. She and her husband Casey Black have operated “Northern Lights Wolf Centre” located in the Rocky Mountains since 2002 to create awareness about the importance of wolves in the ecosystem.


Teeth are important, especially for consummated pack hunters like the wolves. These amazing animals have 42 teeth: 4 canines, 10 carnassials and molars, 12 incisors and 16 pre-molars, enabling them to chew down to the soft and nutritious marrows in the bones. Gray wolves used to be found extensively across North America, but human-related activities have driven them away from their historical hunting grounds.

Fangs, Teeth and wolves Northern Light Wolf Centre


Shelley and Casey hope to promote the conservation of the natural environment and their role as carnivores to regulate wild life populations. Their centre features photography tours, family tours, field trips for groups, school classroom visits in their area, and even walks with wolves. Their wolves were all adopted from captive breeding programs and now live on a large enclosure. People from all around Canada come to visit this sanctuary.


Casey and Shelley Black come every year in sunny Cancun to enjoy the amazing white sand beaches and to relax on our amazing resorts. Casey has been a long time patient of Dr. German Arzate and share a great friendship. Each time he comes is like visiting part of the family.


Learning about their life work was awe inspiring for everyone at the clinic. In this picture she’s with Olivia, our Mexican dentist. Having you here was a privilege! Thank you Casey and Shelley, we hope to see you again to take care of your dental health and give you a great hug!


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