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Malocclusion, a legacy of early sedentarism?

For a long time the jaw bone structure of ancient humans has fascinated anthropologists and dentists alike. As it happens there are some marked differences between the structure on hunter gatherer groups (28,000 BCE) and the early farmers on (12,000 BCE).


The research done on the first farmers of the Levant shows are smaller versions of their hunter-gatherer predecessors. The diet of the hunter-gatherer was based on “hard” foods like wild uncooked vegetables and meat, while the staple diet of the sedentary farmer is based on “soft” cooked or processed foods like cereals and legumes. With soft cooked foods there is less of a requirement for chewing which in turn lessens the size of the jaws but without a corresponding reduction in the dimensions of the teeth, there is no adequate space in the jaws and this often results in malocclusion and dental crowding.

Lower jaw and teeth of Mesolithic hunter-gatherer (Credit: Olivia Cheronet)   Malocclusion on Lower jaw and teeth of Early Neolithic farmer (Credit: Olivia Cheronet)


The link between chewing, diet, and related dental wear patterns is well known in the scientific literature. Today, malocclusion and dental crowding affects around one in five people in modern-world populations.


Here at Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry we see this problem everyday with people who have lost most or all of their teeth. The bone on their maxilla or jaw start to lose volume because of the lack of chewing stimuli. This provokes the remaining teeth to shift and cause all kinds of problems.


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