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Live Implant Surgery Course in Cancun, May 2016!

Live Implant Surgery Course in Cancun, May 2016!


We are still surprised by the results of the 5th Live Implant Surgery Course in Cancun hosted by our clinic last week. The previous course had been in March and when he heard the next one would be on May we were actually more than a little surprised. We are used to a 6 month waiting between courses so hearing this made us up perk up in confusion asking “Did we just misheard?”. Well, it seems we did such a great job on all the other implant courses that the AAID simply had to make an additional event for all the people that couldn’t make it on March (it was already sold out by December 2015!). We can’t deny were impressed and kind of proud of ourselves.


Live Implant Surgery Course in Cancun, May 2016!
If you liked our page on Facebook you might had seen the publications all over that week. This time we made an extra effort to upload the pics and vids as we got them, so you could see the doctors learning from Doctor Shankar Iyer and Doctor German Arzate. We placed over 100 dental implants over the course of 3 days. The american doctors and our staff were exhausted at the end but completely blown away by all they learned.

We got several unique cases, offering the doctors the opportunity to hone their dental implant skills with sinus lifts, ridge expansions, all on 6, etc, and Doctor Shankar Iyer was extremely happy with this variety and praised over and over again the professionalism of our staff and the modern facilities we provided. Doctor Shankar Iyer is the President of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, an eminence on the field and we must say it was a great honor and a pleasure to work along side him! Here’s a video of him talking about the experience:


We are also happy to announce we will have another course, this time on August on this year. We are still waiting for confirmation on the exact date, but you can bet it will be an amazing event. We are hoping this time we have the presence of our dear friend Doctor John Minichetti, Director of the Dental Implant Training Center, who is also known as the “Implant Daddy” among the dental industry, he’s. It would be amazing to have Dr. Shankar Iyer, Dr. John Minichetti and Dr. German Arzate, the experts of implant dentistry, working together at the same time.


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