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If you have periodontal disease, what should you do?

How to prevent bleeding gums - Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry


Periodontal disease or gum disease can be a silent problem for many years, with people dismissing their bleeding gums as something “normal” and expected, but the truth is far from that. This can lead to a great deal of dental problems and ultimately you might end up loosing your teeth because of it. Even people that claim to brush their teeth and use floss everyday MUST come to the dentists once every six months or at least once a year for a professional dental cleaning and a dental check up.


The main reason for this is that no amount of brushing and flossing will get rid of all the plaque build up around your teeth. It will certainly slow down the process and keep them in the best condition possible, but you need a professional hygienist to make sure to get rid of it. Remember, plaque is build up formed by the bacteria eating food debris and this bacteria also affect the rest of your health. Your immune system is kept on alert and could be “stressed out”, being much less effective combating other more important infections. In fact, gum disease has been linked to heart disease and other inflammatory problems in the human body.


This is why you should go to a dental specialists regularly and also as soon as you notice your gums bleeding, let alone hurting or throbbing. By doing your appointment with us during your visit to Cancun, you can save up on your check ups and cleaning, and if you have any other problem, we have all the equipment and materials to help you with whatever you need.


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