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How to handle dry mouth? (Xerostomia) – Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry

We have talked before that a dry mouth (also known as xerostomia) from stress can lead to vulnerability of the enamel to bacteria and higher risk of cavities that will end up in root canals and fillings. So what can you really do if you have this chronic condition?



There are some east tips and suggestions to follow. First, you need to stop eating snacks between meals and instead drink water to keep your mouth hydrated which will be both healthy for your teeth and also for your body. You should also use a soft toothbrush because if you damage your gums on a dry mouth it can lead to complications. Use regular fluoride paste and avoid gel toothpaste. If you can you could also use inter-dental toothbrushes right for the space between your teeth.



You should know there are Oral moisturizers also known as “artificial saliva” that can help you out with that. These are products that can moisture your mouth for a moment and you shouldn’t have a problem using them as much as you need. They can be swallowed like normal saliva, but they lack the enzymatic properties of real saliva. While it doesn’t require prescription, it can be a little tricky to find on regular drugstores so you should have better luck by asking your dentist or doctor if they know where to find it. Eat mineral-rich fruits and avoid coffee. Also, if you had radiation treatment in your head, neck or shoulders, that could give you the first signs of dry mouth and must tell your doctor as soon as you find out.



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