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Experience getting an affordable dental implant in Cancun! (with video)

Experience getting an affordable dental implant in Cancun! (with video)


We got another great review from one of our patient that got a dental implant and a porcelain crown. She wanted to share with everyone who would listen about her wonderful experience at our dental clinic in Cancun!




Doctor Victoria: Hello I’m Doctor Victoria, and I’m here with the lovely Robin. Where are you from Robin?

Robin: From Florida

Doctor Victoria: From Florida, and what do you think about the clinic?

Robin: I’m so impressed with everything! Everything! I did all my research ahead of time and I’m so happy that I came here. They made it very easy. Everybody speaks English. Paty the office person, I sent emails to her with any concerns, she’d respond and answer everything for me. They picked me up at the airport! Everything that I had anxiety about they helped me. So the whole staff was good and in terms of the quality of work that I get… I’m so impressed. I mean, Victoria, everything, she looks at all, she takes her time; the quality of work, and I come back… I just can’t say enough of how impressed I am and how happy that I made this decision to come here.

Doctor Victoria: Thank you. Would you tell us what kind of treatment did you have on your mouth?

Robin: Oh, I had an implant. Actually had two things done. I had the implant and the… I thought it would hurt a lot more than it did. I was expecting that I would be in a lot of pain for a couple of days, and it really wasn’t that bad. I’m very, very impressed. It is two phases so I understand that I’ll come back for the other part of it.

Robin: In terms of the money, this was so much cheaper than back home. I also had a crown done. And it was easy, there was no pain, and I came back, the crown fitted very well, only lil touches to make it fine. What would cost me back home $5200 USD, here only cost me $2,200 USD. So that $3000 USD I get to come and go on vacation!

Robin: This is very conveniently located there’s lots of hotel and places, I was able to walk here in 15 minutes. It is a clean city and I do feel safe walking around. I walk by myself. I walked at night and most places took American money. Everybody is friendly. And you know, in terms of being an American I felt very comfortable being here.

Doctor Victoria: Thank you! And also it was such pleasure to see you and have you here.

Robin: Oh thank you.

Doctor Victoria: We will see you in three or four months.

Robin: I cannot say enough about how fabulous everybody is.



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