Can diabetes affect my teeth?



Diabetes Mellitus is disease with repercussions at the oral level. Among the many alterations that it produces within the body, we will describe the dental problems that can occur on your mouth. The control of diabetes and assessing the progression of periodontal disease seems to be fundamental for your health, because poorly controlled diabetics have a greater tendency for hemorrhage, loss of teeth and loss of bone.


It is important to know in advance what kind of diabetes our periodontal patients present, since the progression and aggression of periodontitis is usually higher in patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes.  It appears that children and adolescents with insulin-dependent diabetes tend to have greater gingival inflammation without loss of supportive tissues. When noninsulin-dependent diabetes has an early onset, there seems to be a greater tendency for loss of periodontal tissue in the future.


What seems to be clear is the fact that hyperglycemia will favor the growth of certain microorganisms at the mouth, as well as alterations to the vascular and immune systems, which together will favor a tendency to infections at that level.  In view of the facts, we should not consider diabetes as the direct cause of periodontal disease, but only as a factor of great importance, so that the preventive measures will become of special importance.


We have had patients with this disease getting smile makeovers and even also dental implants without problem. If you have any other conditions you must share them with the dentist to make the best makeover plan for you.


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