Avoid these foods that contribute to poor oral health!



Oral health starts with everything you eat. Obviously, you should also care for your teeth after each meal but you will be able to take step to reduce decay by avoiding certain foods that can damage the color or surface of your teeth. Even though our dentists in Cancun can help you with different treatments is always best to avoid problems like these in the first place. Follow this advice to reduce your risk of dental complications with your oral health:


Oral Health
Refined Carbohydrates : This includes pastas, breads, cookies and the like. Carbohydrates are one of the preferred feed of bacteria living on you mouth. When your teeth get covered in these, the bacteria processes the tiny left overs and particles, creating acid as byproduct that will decay the enamel on your teeth.



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-Chewy food: Most likely than not, chewy foods like granola bars and raisins are made with caramel, honey and syrup which have high concentration of sugars.




Sugar snacks and Candies: Put down those candies and cupcakes! While they can be a special treat once in a while, the amount of sugar required to make them increases the risk of the formation of cavities.




Carbonated Soft Drinks: Soda/pop not only is high on sugar but also contains different types of compounds that can stain your teeth. Control their intake as much as you can. The ideal would be to discontinue their use, but if you could try just a small glass with a straw to avoid contact of the liquid with the teeth.





Vegetable and Fruit juices: While by themselves, most vegetables and fruits are very good to your health for being a good source of vitamins and fiber, when you extract their juice you also get the high concentration of fructose, and there is no fiber and chewing resistance to slow down consumption, making it very easy to drink a large amount of sugar in a short period of time. Same with the soda, use a straw and drink little if possible.





Acidic foods and beverage: There are plenty of drinks which might have acids that cause dental erosion like phosphoric acid, citric and malic acids (fruits), lactic acid (fermented products like yogurt), tartaric acid (grapes and wines). Keep their intake low and use a straw when possible.



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